October 02, 2008

Sad Tale of Online Dating

I need the internet. Well, for one, its part of my everyday working life. After work, I get to check my mail, chat with friends I don’t see too often and generally catch up on new updates. The internet brings you in contact with so many folks, so what if you decide that you are going to meet some of them? Yeah, a mistake made, regretted and moved on from.

I had met two people online; both were without doubt exciting experiences! Enter Mr. Bollywood and Mr. Lying Scoundrel.

Mr. Bollywood looked like one of those suave heroes out of some movie. He was a charming, older man who seduced me in real life with his bad boy attitude and flowery language. After talking to him for a while online, I agreed to meet him. He turned out to be quite consistent with his online personality. Except that he had an anger management issue. But I was attracted to who I met and ended up having a short-lived but passionate relationship. Until I realized I had had enough of the verbal mistreatment and I dumped him online. You start some place you’re bound to end back there again. While our brief romance did end quite soon we still remain very good friends.

Mr. Lying Scoundrel was a very different experience. We met when I was on the rebound. We had been exchanging messages for a few weeks and shared pictures. The date finally happened and… I met a very different person. Instead of the slightly tall, cute haired bloke in the photos I had seen, I was greeted by the exact opposite. I admit I’m a bit superficial but seeing him in reality, I was instantly turned off and was now wondering what I could do with him. I had decided that even though I was no longer interested, it didn’t mean we couldn’t be friends for an hour or two. So I sat through the date talking about myself. And while we never kept in touch after that day it was quite the nicest date I’ve ever had. I came away from these experiences with the thought that that was what the internet was all about. It gives us the space to pretend to be who we want to be. It also allows us to escape from our own reality and enter someone else’s. Unfortunately, two different realities rarely get along well. I don’t know if I will ever meet anyone from the internet in real life again. If I do, I’ll remember that no matter how much I chat with someone I’ll never really know who’s on the other side of the screen.




Oh come on! It’s a National Holiday! You can’t really expect me to review stuff tonight, can you?

Just for the sake of tradition, though…

Here’s what I picked up this week…

I have sought only to serve the fans what meager offerings I could find. A lot of the tracks this time around are of the slow burn variety. They’re steady, consistent, and they get better the longer you listen to them. This is one of those tracks. A perfect tune for the start of rainy October. Enjoy the track below titled ‘You in a Song’ by Jason Reeves. I’ve done all I could to bring you only that which is worthy of your precious time. If you’d like to peruse through his other tracks, click this link and you will be magically taken to his My Space page.

And that’s all I got for you today. As always, feel free to discuss whatever you’d like from this week’s haul in the comments section, but there’s a bottle of vodka a-callin’ my name from the kitchen and after that, I plan on doing some serious sleeping in, to celebrate the fact that I’m not working on a Thursday.

Tomorrow, however… it begins again.

Oh and Eid Mubarak!

P:S: Rupa Gulab does have a blog. http://satiricalcitizen.blogspot.com/ (Brought to my attention by good ‘ol Bluesy Blues)

And updating the Buckley blog. Do check it out.