January 29, 2009

So this is a post and not really a post

Hey you guys. ‘sup? I’m trying to concentrate on something right now… like getting my health back on track, which takes up a lot of time, both real and amplified. In addition, anything I write here today would just be me being voluble about how happy I have been lately and there’s no way to make that outstandingly exciting or amusing. There’s nothing more insipid than reading about how great someone else’s life is going unless you have a special interest in it, or you’re their good friend or family. I just realized that my life has been going pretty great for the past few weeks (apart from the recent illness). I’ve made a new friend who continues to completely amuse me in a number of ways, my old friends who’ve been constantly by me and my family, whose endless encouragement and love I can never seem to comprehend. Shut up! I know! This is why I’m trying to refrain from writing about it, because I’ll just be all chatty about it and do you want to read that? Hell no. The less you dear readers (also- complete strangers) know about me being all giddy about relationships the better.
Right, anyways…moving along… other happenings in my life. Umm… I’ve seen a bunch of movies and good serials. I bet you have, too. Let’s not pretend like either of us really wants to hear about it, though.

Travel! Something I’m not going to be doing for a long time. Let’s just say… no increments dampen all big costly trips.

Office related info: We’re going to be shifting our office to Bagmane Tech Park in CV
Raman Nagar. This narrows down the time I spend traveling to work. It also means I get to work with my twin on the same campus. It’s too early to tell if that’s a bad thing or a good thing? Do you care? Probably not.

Okay, look: I think it’s a waste to post filler just for the sake of posting, or worse, like one of those boring long emails I’d send to someone I haven’t spoken to in years, who live at the other end of the world and who would just probably delete my mail as soon as it reached her inbox. I’ll make sure to return very soon with something better. And now moving onto the music section of this post... if you haven’t listened to Monday’s selection of music yet, then damn you. If you have and you liked it, then here’s another Weepies song for ya…
I was introduced to The Weepies a couple of days ago. I’ll have to give credit to my best friend, who never fails to keep me busy with an endless supply of good music. I really enjoyed the track ‘Living in Twilight’ and it led me to explore the rest of this band’s music. Deb Talan and Steve Tannen make up this awesome band. Although their music is extremely simple, they are great melodies and really great ideas in these songs. I think you’ll find these are good songs. ‘Nobody knows me at all’ is probably my favorite of the two tracks I’ve put up here. Make sure you check their myspace page as they have a lot more tracks there.