February 05, 2010

I’ve been waiting for a special day when I needed a shop kick to complete my photography project - and I’m feeling so happy right now about having done it. So this week the time came when I put 6 x 8 prints of my favourite shots into my bag and went to M.G Road after work. I should’ve taken some photos in there I guess, so you could all see it, since I personally would looove photos if any of you visit Gangarams or any Art stores… *hint hint*

This is what I got:

A glue stick, some adorable looking bookmarks (always good to have more of them), small coloured sized cards, a tiny stapler, and CD’s and covers. A nice album for prints (60 leaves) and some smiley magnets…

Yes and a cute ‘Art of Dating’ book (hehe).

It is unlike me to go crazy over stationery… But sometimes unexpected things happen and you see things differently than before.

The project that I’m currently working on will contain some of my best pictures taken from last year with my Kodak cam. I will tell you more about it later, I promise. I’m mainly doing it for my self, because I would like to save what I did last year in one document, but you will be able to get a look at it. I just didn’t know how much work it would be when I started this! But it is fun, and it gives me lots of ideas for future projects that I want to do.
And as for the sleepless nights. It is not only small photography projects, but bigger ones as well that are swirling in my mind right now.

...taking a momentary diversion from discussing photography to focus on something really important. Beer.

A couple years back - after being a strict vodka drinker for no apparent reason - I decided I'd to start drinking beer again. Not like binge drinking. No, I'm not in college again with my girls throwing a PJ party and make-up night. It’s just having about a beer or two whenever I can. I think I have a better appreciation for it now more than ever. And because it’s more likely to be cheaper.

Beer is good. It tastes yummy, particularly on a nice warm day. And while beer is perhaps, without help, to blame for some crazy nights, the special accidents and impulsive moments around the world, it is one of the oldest foods. I was going to say bread, but then I remembered that there are assumptions that bread was a byproduct of beer production, so beer wins.
Below is a track titled ‘Raggamuffin’ by a lesser-known artist who goes by the name Selah Sue. What really struck me is the impressive way she sings them and after listening to this track you’ll know it too. It always amazes me what talent and originality lies covered amongst the rubble strewn about Myspace and Youtube alike. Selah Sue is a talented young musician who deserves a listen and one thing is certain, there is great potential here.