December 31, 2008

The café we’ve always wanted to have:

Since the time I’ve known Runa, we’ve had this common dream to start a café. Not the usual ones we see cropping up around the city, but something that will serve homemade cookies and concoctions as well as hold an open mic night every week; sort of like a talent hub for amateur artists.

Something roomy, fine-looking, snug and welcoming. With some of Runa’s art work on the wall, framed poster sized photographs covering the indoors and vintage sofas to live in side by side with albums bought and signed by musicians both local and popular.
It would be one of those dream cafés that we’ve talked about so many times. You know? One we want to open and own. Where people will want to visit and sit in for hours, listening to a musician belt out some tunes while sipping on their tea or coffee. Where folks can bring their journals and sit alone, or just listen and talk about music with gathering friends.

On Sunday, I went to see a small concert at a little café called Café ID. The music wasn’t awesome, but the setting was. Runa won’t agree with me on this. She thinks the whole dimly lit, constricted space reminded me of PECOS. Well, it did- a bit. But I’ve always had a fondness for tapered locations, soft lights and rich colors with a combination of kitchen chairs and homely looking rugs, throwovers, duvets- the whole cushion mania thing.

What would be better than doing something you love and earn money meanwhile! The idea of owning a café where art amasses. Doing something creative with your life and being your own boss. I’m one big dreamer for sure, and my talk with Runa on Sunday has done nothing to put me off that.

Right now I’m too scattered with my plans, still trying out different things. My mind jumps from one idea to another… I seldom have any idea how I would make money from these ideas. But I know a day will come when I know what my business will be about and then I’ll start it!

Granted, this probably, almost, kinda, sorta should qualify for a spot in Best of the Classics series. For some reason it ends up here and you should all be less judgmental of my list making abilities and more supportive of hearing awesome tracks. Off the top of my head I’m inclined to believe Michael Hutchence was the best male artist out of Australia. I would bet he would agree (if he were alive). In the end, though, it doesn’t matter because the song just sounds amazing. Here’s to hoping the upcoming year is just as well crafted.