September 24, 2010

Me Me Me Me Meeeeeeee

Today is my 19th 22nd 27th birthday, and I will be actually completing my 27th year anytime now (comes from being born awesomely early). What I really want for my birthday is to have my wonderful friends next to me, get up really late and have my breakfast in bed, or hold onto the arms of a really handsome hunk when I wake up first thing (not gonna happen); to sit on the couch and watch a movie of my choice with my entire - 6 member family (not gonna happen); and thirteen uninterrupted hours of sleep (not gonna happen). But, I am typing this after talking to so many friends who constantly make me feel loved.

If you would like to give me a gift, and you know you would, you can leave me a comment. This is a lovely present because I am obsessed with getting comments from y’all and it will score me a little easy entertainment today.

I have a friend who always gets himself a present on his birthday. I mean a really nice present. One year it was a camera, the next year it was a new Engine system for his car. (Or something like that, I generally stop listening whenever anyone uses the words "carburetion" and "four-stroke internal combustion.") I decided to take up that tradition myself this year and got myself a little something. Tickets to Bagdogra… from where I shall go up to Darjeeling, Kalimpong and finally to Sikkim.

Now, hurry and give me an internet-Hug.

Also a fabulous 4 pack of Chap Stick and a new purse. I’m not too old to pretend that I’m 22, right?

Here’s a song that I love and I hope you love it to. It always brings back the best of all memories, however I’m currently remembering it, and I hope it hits a warm spot in your life too. This is a song from one of my favourite artists that ever lived – Jeff Buckley. If you’ve never heard of him you better either live across the pond, be under the age of 13 {in which case it’s obvious your parents don’t care about you, I mean you are reading this blog, so go ahead hit play, it can’t hurt}, or be on your way to the closest retailer to fix this mistake in your life. I recommend the albums - Grace and Sketches for my Sweetheart. They’re both classic.


Man that would make any girl feel like a goddess...