January 29, 2009

So this is a post and not really a post

Hey you guys. ‘sup? I’m trying to concentrate on something right now… like getting my health back on track, which takes up a lot of time, both real and amplified. In addition, anything I write here today would just be me being voluble about how happy I have been lately and there’s no way to make that outstandingly exciting or amusing. There’s nothing more insipid than reading about how great someone else’s life is going unless you have a special interest in it, or you’re their good friend or family. I just realized that my life has been going pretty great for the past few weeks (apart from the recent illness). I’ve made a new friend who continues to completely amuse me in a number of ways, my old friends who’ve been constantly by me and my family, whose endless encouragement and love I can never seem to comprehend. Shut up! I know! This is why I’m trying to refrain from writing about it, because I’ll just be all chatty about it and do you want to read that? Hell no. The less you dear readers (also- complete strangers) know about me being all giddy about relationships the better.
Right, anyways…moving along… other happenings in my life. Umm… I’ve seen a bunch of movies and good serials. I bet you have, too. Let’s not pretend like either of us really wants to hear about it, though.

Travel! Something I’m not going to be doing for a long time. Let’s just say… no increments dampen all big costly trips.

Office related info: We’re going to be shifting our office to Bagmane Tech Park in CV
Raman Nagar. This narrows down the time I spend traveling to work. It also means I get to work with my twin on the same campus. It’s too early to tell if that’s a bad thing or a good thing? Do you care? Probably not.

Okay, look: I think it’s a waste to post filler just for the sake of posting, or worse, like one of those boring long emails I’d send to someone I haven’t spoken to in years, who live at the other end of the world and who would just probably delete my mail as soon as it reached her inbox. I’ll make sure to return very soon with something better. And now moving onto the music section of this post... if you haven’t listened to Monday’s selection of music yet, then damn you. If you have and you liked it, then here’s another Weepies song for ya…
I was introduced to The Weepies a couple of days ago. I’ll have to give credit to my best friend, who never fails to keep me busy with an endless supply of good music. I really enjoyed the track ‘Living in Twilight’ and it led me to explore the rest of this band’s music. Deb Talan and Steve Tannen make up this awesome band. Although their music is extremely simple, they are great melodies and really great ideas in these songs. I think you’ll find these are good songs. ‘Nobody knows me at all’ is probably my favorite of the two tracks I’ve put up here. Make sure you check their myspace page as they have a lot more tracks there.

January 27, 2009

Soldier Down

Yesterday it was the last bout of a fever, a runny nose, burning eyes and a tickly throat.

Today it is chest congestion, dry cough, stuffy and runny nose and puffy eyes.

Oh, it's a slashing cough. They're gonna love me at work tomorrow.

So the fever’s gone but the cold remains. I’m waiting to get over the tissues and warm clothes; I can almost feel the freedom of free breath and a clear throat. I tried to prepare some chicken broth treats, mum made some of my favorite homemade fried chicken and chicken sandwiches. I heated some leftover KFC Chicken- I'm all chickened out. And I'm trying to OD on cold medicine.
Yet it seems that my body just really wants to be sick right now. Actually, what my body needs is to have someone come over and make me chicken anything and rub my back. Maybe when mum comes back I could ask her to feed me some jelly for dessert and give me little "feel better" kisses.

But until that happens I'll just take some medicine, hunker down and pray for morning.

This evening, I abandoned all other responsibilities and sank my time into a music detox with some excellent artists. Best part? No guilt. Music overrides everything because it holds a power that I'm still realizing.

It can have me and I'll gladly go.
The Weepies with ‘Living in Twilight’

January 23, 2009

Friday Musings

Today's assortment of completely incoherent and random thoughts has been brought to you by an actified (make that four) and the symptoms of a flu:

- I re-he-he-ly want a tattoo. The ones that make no sense but aren’t stupid either. Gigantic and bold… yeah!

- Life would be so much more fun if people could hear the songs that play in my head when they pass by.

- Sometimes I lay awake at night wondering if my left leg is longer than my right leg… and it's totally the fault of my twitchy brain syndrome.

- How is it possible that I never run out of falling in love with songs I discover every single day?

- I've been watching back to back episodes of Law & Order SVU as a way to pass the evenings at home after work and it has me feeling very inspired to be an Indian Wonder Woman.

- How does someone become a super spy-fighting machine? I think that's something I want to aim at doing before I turn fifty or something.

- Noodles or Pasta for dinner??

- Fall in love or not to fall in love?

- I want to go bald! I don’t find red hair exciting anymore.

- Tonight's fantasy threesome: Me, Channing Tatum and Hugh Jackman.

- No more cold medicine for me.
I’ve been a fan of KT Tunstall since she took her first few steps to the microphone and it’s been a delight to watch her move from behind the curtain out into worldwide acclaim. And rightly so I might add. If you don’t really recognize the track it’s not your fault. This is one of those tracks that were forgotten by the world. I haven’t had a chance to preview all her songs, but this track alone has made me excited to hear what Miss Tunstall has cooked up on her albums. The song ‘Heal over’ has a special place in my heart because it was Imcha’s gift to me. Living miles apart from each other has made us accept what we are left with on our road to ambition. Music is the key ingredient that has kept our friendship going and it will be music that will keep us together no matter what happens. I love the lines ‘Everybody sails alone, But we can travel side by side’. The lyrics are what really make this song into a brilliant piece of music. This is music that is meant to be turned up annoyingly loud and blasted throughout your house {or work, if no one else is there}. Long story short it is simply a good song. If you’re looking for some healing or just plain ol’ good music then ‘Heal Over’ serves as an excellent starting point to really get to know what KT Tunstall’s music is all about.

January 20, 2009

Bored Deafness Issues

I arrived safely at my office at 8:30 am, for what was another lengthy and dreary day. Brace yourselves for a boring post, as it really is the best way to pass my time. No reason the rest of you shouldn't be bored right along with me; you're obviously clicking away, too.

So it’s a proven fact that as the noise levels in our city increase it has an adverse affect on the hearing levels of the masses. This means that as time goes by we’ll all be suffering from hearing disabilities.
I must say, I feel slightly comforted after reading about it. I was starting to wonder if I was just paranoid when I couldn't hear when people talk to me. It's especially bad for me in pubs and clubs where background noise drowns out the conversation I'm having with someone literally next to my face. I thought I just had some type of ADD or constantly clogged ears or maybe the kind of hearing my father has, one that he has become quite skilled at over the years (which, I'm covetous of). 
After this sudden awareness of the public detoriation of a vital sense I'm quite pleased to learn that I don’t just have a problem with attention and it’s this fanatic town that is so deafening and aurally injurious.

I now choose to deliberately pay no attention to the fact that my earphones are attached to my head for seven hours every day and turned on at shattering levels. If I had to accept the fact that I'm losing my hearing because of music played as loud as it can be then I'd have to find a deep and dark hole to crawl into and breathe my last breath.

Order of business today:

First, if you’ve seen this blog and are reading it right now… yeah YOU… let me highly recommend this artist to you (I realize I’ve written about him before but repetition incites interest). I do not just endorse his music because he’s a good friend of mine… I really enjoy this man’s music.

And can this boy sing!

Perhaps y’all can just stop by his website when you’re done here, and you can all weigh his music for me.

Here are links that can take you to his site-

His facebook fan page

You see that picture on the sidebar called ‘EC’s Project’… 
The great thing about it is that a) encourages local artists 
b) makes the artist create something more amazing 
c) and it feeds my ego.

And now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to eat some dinner with my dad and gear myself up for an edgy episode of Law & Order SVU. 

Signing off this post with Jamie Wyatt. Enjoy.

January 17, 2009

I’ve had the best time this past week. Amazing food, ass-kicking friends, music and laughing...I couldn't have asked for a better week.
It was filled with irregular days, special friends, even after the going away of my friend, Pratz. It appears that I have now acquired a new set of family and friends that seem so close to me like we’ve always known each other. I'm going to guess that these new relationships have also increased my alcohol intake. In which case, I fully endorse after-work weekday plans and kudos to myself for living it up! The past week has got me going to bed fairly late, primarily due to this amazing company and this has led to absolutely massive hangovers when I wake up each morning. And it was so worth it.
Lesson to be learned here: If you must go drinking then do it with people from Coorg and Nepal. They are excellent and must all be conserved.

As for my creative juices, they're still flowing. They're just flowing at a snail's pace these days. I blame the cold - despite the fact that this hasn’t been the coldest on record in B’lore City. I've had plenty of adventures (see above reference to previous post and massive hangover) but for some reason I've just not had the motivation to put them up here. It’s possible I might’ve ruined too many brain cells or I suppose I've just been way too drunk! I do hope to pick up the pace around here a little bit or maybe take into service a secretary to do the dictation. And of course, by secretary I imply a cute Italian. And by dictation I mean massage my aching back and dish up some great food.

I hope to heavens that my irregular blogging has left an emptiness inside you. So let me give you a few suggestions on how to spend your time in between my joy-giving updates:

1. Help your local clinic. The excitement never ends!

2. Keep your mobile phone switched on at night so that my friends and I can drunk dial you.

3. Take up a great hobby. My current obsession is The Snap Shot game. This is a drinking game so call some friends over and take a shot of alcohol every time someone clicks a photo of you! You’ll need a camera and lots of memory space!

4. Get old seasons of Dexter. Pure genius!

5. Stop by your local pharmacist for some relaxants.

I hope these ideas lend a hand!

After two years of leaving an absolutely fun job to pursue further studies and then getting myself into a great online search marketing company, my old boss from the radio station calls up. And keeps calling for some reason… maybe about a job. It should be really fun to see how this plays out.
If you’ve enjoyed reading this blog, at all, then I reckon at least a part of your heart identifies with mine. And now that I’ve established this as a fact I must tell you, that you should take a break from your hectic life and check out Taylor Hicks’ track below. Yes my friends, it is the Taylor Hicks from the famous American Idol show. He wasn’t my favorite Idol but this song is so good. Do you know his music is categorized under Pop/Soul and modern "whomp"? So while I figure out what ‘whomp’ is… let his lungs do the talking, as his voice soars over a refrain that makes it impossible not to start head nodding and foot tapping.
It becomes apparent that this track is worthy to be heard.

Until next time here’s Taylor Hicks with ‘Heaven Knows’.


January 14, 2009

Although just sometime back I was saying how much alone time I usually have to enjoy my peace and quiet, things actually haven't been that way since. It's been a wound up program, albeit an agreeable one. This morning is my only free time until tonight where I plan to spend it zoned out on the sofa, neglecting all of the things I ought to catch up on (work, self-assessments, colleagues, WORK).

So just what have I been up to the past two days? For starters, Pratz, my good ol friend from college, surprises me by landing in the city. This time around I still had issues with time, but the moments we spent together were enhanced by the fantastic entertainment provided by her fiancĂ©, Josh, who had come here to meet me. I also had the pleasure of meeting her cousins, who were extremely funny and brilliantly informative. So that brings us up to this morning, which is my time of rest (God isn't the only one who deserves one, you know). Tonight is Pratz’ last night in B’lore and that's when the good times and loud banter will end. If I've learned anything from Pratz it is that there are still amazing and thoughtful people out there (buried amongst the crap), and I've been lucky to have found my best in-person, flesh-and-blood friend. Some people are fortunate enough to have two families - the one they are raised in, and the one that they form with the friends they gather. There are always highs and the lows but each has the possibility, to remain forever. I'm blessed to have both, and I adore them all, even if they take seasons to be dysfunctional.

Today I’m not going to be pounding out some words on the track I upload here but it’s still filling you in on some awesomeness.
And now I have this thinly veiled attempt at an ego boost request, and I'd like to ask my readers to please leave a comment on this post. Just say hi, so I can get a sense of who is out there or let me know how you came upon this humble little site or give me a good artist suggestion and I’ll make sure I get a hold of their music. Once again, thanks for swinging by Evuhleen’s Corner. I hope you keep coming back!

For Pratz, You are a lucky star and your light shines though all the way!

Hugs from Eve!

January 09, 2009

Friday and 'Undiscovered'

I walk into my house exhausted, tired out, cranky as hell, geared up to pick a fight and my dad looks up from his book and says, “Hey love… need a hug?”

The evening I feel all grouchy and irritable that’s the evening there’s some great food being cooked in the kitchen.

Guess, the higher powers are just determined to make me have an excellent day, so really who am I to fight it?

The movie I’ve been waiting to tell you readers about is called ‘Undiscovered’. It wasn’t one of those famous movies that came out in 2005. The story line is pretty believable and attention-grabbing but somehow it seemed as though the characters lacked the ‘connection’ that’s needed for a love story. That apart, if you liked the music they played in movies such as ‘Almost Famous’ you’ll like this one
Steven Strait comes across as that perfect "musician" and he has that winning quality that kept my focus on him. The music was surprisingly good. I really liked some of the songs that were performed in the film. Of course, there were a few cheesy songs because they can't all be winners. In the end, Undiscovered is worth checking out; if not for the story then you must, for the music.
The music performed in the movie fit in every way, particularly "Smart in a Stupid Way" and "Boomerang". The soundtrack is excellent, the music is rich, and the musical performers are unyielding.
'Undiscovered' has a musician's feel that non-musicians could easily overlook. The movie is a precise depiction of real life in the pursuit of recognition and musical discovery, which in the end slants towards the side of musical conception rather than the stage.

But this is a music blog, and I don’t talk about movies unless there’s music to be heard in them. Today, I’m uploading the two of the above mentioned tracks as well as a third titled ‘This is living’. All tracks have been sung by the lead actor Steven Strait. For those of you who haven’t or won’t see the movie, here below are three of my favorite songs off this motion picture.
The sound quality on this isn’t the absolute greatest and for that I apologize. Enjoy your weekend dear readers. And, don’t forget to enjoy the music.

January 08, 2009

While sitting in my dad’s car a few days ago, MLTR’s song (the video that had a chick on a piano) came on, and I didn’t change the station or put a cd in.

I’m not certain what this means, but it can’t be good.
The past few days in B’lore have been awfully cold. I love our winter, but it’s so much more charming in December than in January. January cold is like the boyfriend who cheats on you and then sends you flowers after you’ve given him the finger. Kidding? It’s you again? You already had your chance, didn’t you? Now get out so I can get on with it.

Sharon Little has a streak of brilliance not often found in the overflowing singer/songwriter set. She has a mind for clever arrangements built upon relatively simple, but elegant, melodies and in this regard she reminds me a bit of Janis Joplin. Her music might not be as attention grabbing or as trendy as her counterparts but she’ll find a way to impress you with this track below.
Whatever words you find to describe this song I’m sure they’ll be of a positive nature.
I shall be back soon with a movie review and a singer/actor that I’m dying to introduce y’all to. In the meantime wait unwearyingly with great eagerness for my return. Well, that and listen to Sharon Little’s track ‘What gets in the way’ on constant repeat for at least an hour.

January 07, 2009

I feel funny lately, like something huge is about to occur, but I have no idea how to get to it sooner or pass it by. I’ve been occupying my time mainly with writing, and I’ve also been engrossed in this unquenchable longing to be unsociable. There are some people who I usually see regularly, and I’m still just as happy to be with them, but no matter where I am or what I’m doing, some part of my brain is continually counting down to the second when I’m at home, in my room, when there’s me and no-one else. I have no idea what this is all about; it’s not depression, because I know what that’s like, and I’m not miserable, either. I just believe like I’m on the brink of something- something nasty, like sickness, economic ruin or true love.

Things are getting back to normal. It seems as though everyone was stuck in the whole festive mood and now they’re experiencing something like a post-holiday mood… (Luckily for me, I recently had gone through my share of depression). So before the people around me get me all gloomy I’ve decided I’m going to remind myself to stay happy.

Things to be glad about:
I love so many of the same things I loved when I was a little girl. My favorite color is still pink; I embrace colors, create and amuse myself. I think that this is what my life is about sometimes. Being that girl in a bright colored dress or with shiny red loafers you see on the road, in school or college when everyone else is dressed in browns and grays. I’m that girl with red hair you don’t want to gawk at but can’t help taking a quick look over at again and again:
- What’s up with her? Why does she need to show off like that? Is she crazy?

I’ve met aunts who whisper into my ear telling me they wish they could dress themselves the same way I do. One of them called me her ‘inner teen’. It takes work to believe that you can always be stringing your own rainbow. I told my friend yesterday that I was fine. I was lying; I’m great! I could cry from smiling at times, but that might be just too silly?!
I still think there are enough serious grown-ups in the world and life is WAaaaaY too short to be so proper.

Despite the amount of tags we place on music, or the sometimes outlandish sub genres we choose to concoct, it all comes down to whether or not you actually enjoy the music. All that being said I enjoy Jon McLaughlin’s brand of pop.
This track seems to work with reference to the be-happy post. There are still many albums that have been sitting on my desktop, gathering e-dust, waiting to be given a proper listen. Luckily for both of us I will soon get around to attempting to clear out a massive folder I have marked “music for blog.” I’m only waiting for the right mood to strike me, but fear not, I will press on.
For now, it’s Jon McLaughlin with ‘Dance your life away.

Enjoy the music nice and loud.

January 05, 2009

Almost lame to recap it- but 2008 was full of good friends and new friends and family and travel and fun; the blog came out, I created a second one too and I met so many amazing people. So looking back, even the low points seem pretty puny. Like oh, I endured some mild sexual harassment and secondhand quiche and cried after a bad day at work.

This might be the year I settled down a little. To be honest, I wish most of it is going to be spent listening to music, watching movies and reading books…. in bed. I mean, I still behave like I am my own tiny tot in terms of mealtimes and bedtimes and well, most times.
I know I’m probably supposed to be socializing at the ripe age of 25 but at the moment I’ve decided to stay in, take a nice long bath and watch a couple of movies instead. Look who's a grown up; with cupcake crumbs on her shorts.

A few guilty delights:

*Sweet Chariot’s Lemon tarts. They’re so lemony and sinful… and I know I can never stop with just one but that doesn’t stop me.

*Tina Turner’s “Simply the Best.”

*A DVD of Russell Peters’ show in New York. *Cosmo magazines. (I know, I know: we’re all supposed to be showing a feminist front on this one, but I can’t help it.)

*Croaking Bette Midler’s ‘The rose’. Say what you will, but I’ll never stop. Never!

Okay, I want to write, and if it’s not up to par, then I’ll just keep writing. You don’t have to read it; it really won’t hurt my feelings. I wanted to surprise you all by giving EC a little pizzazz with a fantastic new template, but then I remembered that I know absolutely nothing about how to actually make a fantastic blog. Who knew? Maybe I’ll get a Mysterious Fan or marry some sort of internet expert or something, and he’ll design a brilliant one for me while I laze around, eating cupcakes and reading Cosmo, but in the meantime, this is all I got.

So, in short, there are no promises that the posts in 2009 won’t be stale or lame. If it is, feel free to let me know. Critics and troublemakers are always welcome.

It’s not just the wine talking; I really do love you, baby.

I am so ready for 2009 I can hardly stand it. I hope you’re happy and well.

On the music front, I have a song that a new friend had sent me- Check it out.
It sure will make you happy and blow your mind at the same time. Yes, it is that good. It’s good enough that for the next month you won’t take it off your play list. It’s good enough that you just might forget that you heard the original. This is one of the hardest songs to cover and in all sincerity I can honestly say that I love this singer, his voice and the way he sang this cover. Simple brilliance.

That’s all I’ve got for you today little addicts. See you soon with another update and another track. Here’s Mat Weddle of ‘Obadiah Parker’ covering Outkast’s ‘Hey ya’. To EC’s newest reader- Yuvi.

January 02, 2009

Recounting The First Day of The Year and A Singer You Must Listen to:

It’s 2009. And my head hurts a little from lack of sleep and alcohol overload. The 1st was spent with my bro-in-law’s sis- Naro, her husband – Achen and his cousin Tao. I took them out to a fancy little place on Dickenson road last night. We made comical conversations by the light of a candle placed in a beautiful red jar. I tried to get everyone at the table drunk, but ended up getting myself heavily intoxicated and that piece of news my friends know, is not hard to do.

So, at work today it was-

type more. type FASTER. no TYPE SLOWER but BETTER. Which market did that advertiser belong to? Crap crap CRAP!!!

And this isn't really a precise illustration of the bustle up there, I mean in my brain. What I write here is excessively rational to be true. If you must know, my head feels like some waterlogged mess.

Babe, aren’t you leaving?

Huh? Why… it’s only….. What?!?!? It’s the end of day?? Oh no! GET UP AND LEAVE! Ouch! Head hurts! Get up and leave, SLOWLY!

I know y’all are probably going to think that I'm completely losing it now so I’ll end this soon.

The music for today is…. is….

(Searches through playlist)

Ah! This singer comes from my crew!
He’s the latest edition to our posse. Chris Das, is the name. And he has recently created a website (launched officially an hour ago) to showcase his music. This is for certain, Chris has great music style, the guitar and the acoustic sets is tops, and I can say in all honesty that I genuinely liked listening to his songs. That being said Chris has put up three excellent original tracks.

Track 1: Breathing Memories

Track 2: Your Losing Me

Track 3: Before This Night

I’m thoroughly convinced that I have a crush on the song ‘Your Losing Me’, due to the fact that it sounds exactly like something I would want to hear on a beautiful night… better live.
What really struck me in these songs are the brilliant lyrics. Honestly, after listening to these three tracks you can be assured that this is what lyrics, written by a truly independent musician, are supposed to sound like. I do apologize that today I will not be uploading a track but I implore all of you who read this blog or this post to click on the link below and find your perfect moment.

Check out the website here (and make sure you have the sound turned up).

January 01, 2009

Sitting by the computer I’ve uploaded photos onto this page, written in my blog and chatted with my friends via e-mail and other communities online. A lot of time is spent writing, but yet I tell people I hardly ever write... Without really noticing that what I did was, write a lot in my blog this past year.

Since I write online I never realized just how much text I had hoarded, and at the end of 2008 I went through all my entries and I noticed how special it felt. Like... something that was mine.. all mine!! An entity really, but not finished or even close to it...
And the more I thought about it the more I felt like writing and discovering more music, design, edit, and publish it for friends and family and other creative souls out there! Something that was there, that kept memories of days that passed, days filled with music, times spent with friends.

For those of you reading this blog – creating and maintaining an online journal of sorts is a dream I’ve had since I was a kid. I like the opportunity that this blog has offered me. I sure didn’t know how time consuming this task would be when I started. But I forced myself into giving it time and it’s everything I’ve hoped it would be.

A new year is like a new page in a new journal or in this case...a new template.
I decided to give EC a new look for 2009. Please leave a comment below to let me know your thoughts on it.

My mind is jumping around with joy and excitement about the New Year and I think about all the things I want to do like keep fit, blog, take a photo each day, write in my diary and work on my vocals too! But of course a promise about all these things is impossible. My New Year’s Resolutions will be more mellow but hopefully manageable and achievable. Some of them are:

* Do more writing
* Slip in a healthy workout and join an interest group!
* Keep my target on track and continue doing everything I can to get to where I want to be! FOCUS! Focus on what I have to do before I fall into hibernation…
* Surround myself with happiness!

Putting up my favorite track for the year ’08 was kinda hard to do because there are several on that list who I really follow. There's so much out there, it's enough to inspire a bit of an unnerving feeling, but nonetheless, I'm wading through it one band at a time. So I decided to pick the track below. In this post there is going to be some definite back tracking going on. ‘Deep inside of you’ wasn’t produced or released in 2008 but it’s one of those songs that definitely gets me all weak in the knees.
This track by Third Eye Blind is backed by low beats and just kind of spreads out. I love this band greatly, so go ahead and do give them a listen.

One year has passed and now one full year ahead with 365 days just for us to make something out of. Take care and Happy New Year to all of us!
Feedback is always welcome.