February 27, 2010

My thought process when I buy a wallet: "Would Wonder Woman be able to save the day with this held in her hand?" The answer is generally no, but in my head there are buzzers going off screaming a big yes.

I really, really do not like wallet/purse/clutch shopping. None of them appeal to me. Brands don't do it for me, most of them have some kind of chunky metal flower or poop-shaped thing involved, and those – I don’t get. Did I miss out on some feminine training growing up or something? I don't know, I guess I'm just a practical girl. I'm drawn to simple and functional stuff and nothing too loud.

If you think about it, a woman's purse/wallet reveals the kind of person she is. Right? Next time you're out, look around. It's kind of interesting. Anyway, since my wallet before plainly fell apart, I've received a weird looking thing my mother insists me on carrying now.
Then we argued over which one of us got to keep it. She reminded me that she was too old to carry off pink. I don't know if she even thought of me while buying it. I suspect not. And then she frowned all day upon my lack of style.

In today’s casual news, I got a haircut. Just a short crop. You know what I mean. The type of haircut that will look charmingly devilish with sunglasses and the appropriate amount of uninterrupted attitude to match. I needed something new, radical and feisty for the summer.

Sometimes I forget how totally kick ass the eighties were. Let’s face it, I was only eight years old when the nineties body slammed the eighties into the past, but there were some good times to be had as a youngster in the eighties, like Genesis and Phil Collins. And listening to his music now brings all the yummy goodness right back to the front. Listen to this track (one of my favourite Phil Collin tracks growing up) ‘In the Air Tonight’ and you’ll be pleasantly thrilled with the drum-heavy explosive bursts, thundering chorus and a general sense of nostalgia. Nostalgia never sounded so good.

Trust me, this track is a good enough song that you should impulsively listen to it from the player below and enjoy it over this holiday weekend. Cheers.