June 29, 2010


Allow me once again to be a proud, bragging friend and fan. On Saturday night Soulmate played at the beautiful airport hotel, Clarks Exotica. Sure, I’ve written about this band plenty of times but to me they – especially Tips, completely kicked ass again. Luckily for you I had my camera with me so you can see just how awesome she was.

Yeah, perhaps I got a little distractingly close….

and that, my friends, is the most awesome vocalist and my friend.

Went for the photo essay thingy (I'm so bloody articulate, it hurts sometimes) instead of the usual post. More about the weekend soon.

June 23, 2010

In the interest of honesty I feel like I should admit what’s been happening with me lately. Things between Long Distance guy and I have well, ended, completely out of the blue. I was pretty perplexed and overwhelmed. I was also pretty mad, for a number of reasons. So anyway, a week after things went sour I somehow got myself home after a very long and tiring day of shopping with friends and ended up, sitting on the floor and going through his texts and trying not to cry because I missed him and hated him so much. I am not proud of this. So not proud that I felt duty-bound to share it with a group of strangers, obviously.

But I guess one can’t have the power over whether or not someone else still wants to be acquainted with you, and with some people, I guess that’s possibly for the best. Here’s where I differ though, because once somebody has made a huge enough impact on my life for me to regard them part of my private circle, they never really disappear from my heart. For whatever reasons these changes came about with Long-Distance guy, whether it was for the best, or his choice, or entirely out of my hands, it doesn’t change the fact that I still think about him, and miss him. I don’t know if I’ll miss him being a part of my life cos he never really was around, but I’ll definitely miss knowing him.

Why am I doing this again? Because I think it’s good karma to come clean or something? What the hell gave me that thought? Screw karma. I’ll take my good day and see what happens.

Today started off quite excellently. It’s the day rock n’ roll readers get a pretty sweet present. I woke up, got to work, had my morning tea, jumped online and stumbled onto this fresh and phenomenal song from Them Crooked Vultures. And with a group like John Paul Jones from Led Zeppelin, Dave Grohl from Nirvana/Foo Fighters and Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age/ Kyuss/ Eagles of Death Metal providing the nastiness behind the music, this is a once in a lifetime thing. Maybe I’m just overhyping but based on what I’ve heard, this supergroup could be the knockout punch of the year. If you’re not familiar with the band’s music check out “New Fang’ below - which is now my absolute favorite song. Rock out with some crooked vultures.

P:S My photo entries have been uploaded on the first Chillibreeze Photo Contest of North East India. Just visit these links here, here, here and here to my pictures. That's really all.

June 14, 2010

Food I’d Like To Build A Shrine For

Things I Need In the Day to Function:

  •  a shower 
  • at least one cup of tea
  •  meat 
Okay, I may not devour meat every single day, but you knew it was only a matter of time before I suggested it as a necessity for the day. But I swear, you guys. This post isn't just any post.
Anyone who has paid any attention to EC for the past three years knows that I, Blogger Eveline, am a fan of meat. What is it about meat that's so amazing? And is it possible for one to survive on it alone? No, what about with cheese?

Sandwiched between two buns or on a stick, I love meat. So it should come as no surprise that these savory hamburgers are super tempting to me.

This particular picture is like an orgasm in my mouth. I swear to god. And when I saw it this morning that smell seeped through my office making me think I was in heaven. I suggest you all try it.

You think I'm kidding with the whole food-I'd-like-to-build a shrine thing for? Think again. Because if I had the space and the confidence that I wouldn’t be sent to the nuthouse, I'd probably stick the burger on golden plates and then pray for its deep-seated goodness, because seriously? Triple meat layered? Ground beef, bacon-stuffed grilled cheese sandwich as the buns. This hamburger is pure genius. So not only do I want to build a shrine for this food, I want to be BFF with the person who created it.

But before I start singing my ‘Meat meat meat i'm makin the moves on youuu. You're meat!’ song let me post today’s track. I’m attempting to finish the entire first season of GLEE and trying to get together a massive playlist and that has dominated most of my music listening time. Luckily I stole some time back over this past week to listen to a handful of random songs strewn about here and there on the web. Even more fortunately for all of us I stumbled upon one that was sent to me by a friend. It’s by William Fitzsimmons called ‘Passion Play’ and it’s worth a listen. Don’t be fooled by the title of this song. When the vocals drop in you’ll realize that you’re in heaven. It makes you want to curl up on a hammock with a certain someone and watch the wind blow through the grass. Enjoy the music, enjoy your week.

June 08, 2010

Issue : Someone Needs an Ass-Kicking

Too. Much. Cruelty. Really, guys, there's just too much out there. It's an overload. And I'll give you one that just happened yesterday.

To many, it might seem nightmarish to watch someone beat the shit out of some helpless individual. But that's exactly the position in which I found myself. Except that the helpless individual was two dogs resting in the shade.

After a full day of work and gym action, I wanted to put this horrible Monday of mine away, go home, crash into bed. And as I was walking I saw a bunch of local kids moving stealthily towards something on the side. I was too curious to keep my eyes on the road and… the next thing I knew, there was a bottle and stick thrown at full force at the sleeping dogs. And that just made my blood boil! But before I had time to react, I heard those mongrels running and laughing all the way down to the end of the road.

That being said, between us, I’d like to find these kids and do to them what they did to those poor dogs. I know there’s a line of people who would want to mangle these kids. I hope and pray that karma exists. Kids who start off being so extremely violent at such a young age and have no concern for other living beings; I can only wonder what these imps will be like as grown-ups. Abusers? Rapists? Muggers? Gang members? You don't need witty commentary from me. My only suggestion? Drop these kids in North Korea with their damn bows and arrows and see what happens. Either that or strap them down and let dogs lick their face for all eternity.

Don't let any of this get you down, folks. After I got home and had freshened up. I walked into the living room and playing on the floor was the most adorable thing in the world, my niece, trying to paint with a little smile on her face. Seizing encouragement from the important things in my life and never being overwhelmed under the burden of what is often a dim-witted world. Time and again, it's a gorgeous place to be in as well.

Speaking of gorgeous I first heard of Nikka Costa’s ‘Push & Pull’ over the weekend through a friend I must mention – Ajay Jee. This four minute song inspired me enough to listen to it over and over again and also post it in this entry. and. she. is. awesome. Plus I really like the lyrics in this song. Kudos to you Mr. Jee.
That wraps up today’s post. As always, enjoy the music.

June 03, 2010

About A Guy

I don’t know what exactly makes you want to be with someone. Since the age of eighteen, I've had somewhere between two and nine, depending on how you add it up. I try not to. Not very far back, I was certain that being in a relationship was crappy, that people in long-term relationships were reserved and uninteresting. In my brain, insistent singleness was the way to go. I was having a splendid time, going out for fancy dinners and coffee dates. But was it dating? There weren't several definite dates. But whatever I was doing, it was fun. And I liked being alone. The plans I had with whoever was to only put off the idea of commitment, not encourage it.

Then came along Long-Distance Guy.

And the fact that he lives in a different city makes me feel like I’m going to explode at times. If this were the movie it started out as, we'd have been holding each other right now. But despite the awfulness of distance we’re trying. There are times when I’ve said, "Eff it, I can do without this," and then he says, "I'll call you tonight, okay?"
And he does. We speak, and I realize that for the moment neither of us are going anywhere. Even if he isn’t with me, he will be soon.

Like most women in the history of life on earth, I imagined that if there were someone for me; it would be some blazing, angry rock star. I predicted feelings stimulated by rage, cruel immorality, and alcohol abuse. (I don't know where I got any of this. I think I was allowed to watch The Doors once.) But that's not Long-Distance Guy.
Once, I heard that having someone in your life isn't about holding a try out for guys for the role; it's about finding someone you care enough about to write the part for.

Writing about this movie I had seen years ago titled "Once" almost feels like treachery: It's such an unpretentious, ordinary film - two people falling in love - which should be the simplest kind of story to tell, but I fear I might constrict it by reviewing it.
And it’s not just the acting and the story that’s excellent, but also the music. The track ‘If you want me’ in the movie  is full of longing, the tuneful song shifting like water against a shoreline, and shutting my eyes, I dream of making it to Ireland. But for now I'll settle for listening to the songs from the soundtrack, which I got from a colleague.

It’s been a privilege to be able to bring music to all of you. Thank you to everyone who has stopped by or is currently following this web page. And, as always, enjoy the music.