November 04, 2008

Some people believe that after a certain age, folks should stop thinking about modern fashion and take on a more classic approach on dressing. We’re not going to talk about what that certain age is supposed to be but what represents ‘classic’ is open to discussion. The thought of wearing unflattering clothes and loafers when one hits thirty, brings to mind the Brady Bunch.
I am not a student of fashion, and most of my knowledge in that area comes by virtue of being around people who have great dressing sense. I do have an eye for good lines and awfulness for anything originating in the nineteen forties; attempting to categorize my own style invokes the image of a slightly trendy college kid. Nevertheless, I keep my eyes and mind open and respond appropriately.

I suppose my question is, at what age does someone decide to do this to himself or herself, and is it even a bad thing to ignore what other people think we should be wearing in favor of fashion and comfort? When a woman turns thirty-five or forty, is she to sit down and decide that from this day onwards she’d begin dressing like an old woman? Which means, of course, that she would also begin acting like and being treated like an old woman.
I suppose all of this implies there is something wrong with being an old woman, and there most certainly isn’t. Nor do I believe that being forty constitutes being “old.” As usual, I am just concerned about this with associations to my own life. Will there ever come a time when Iwill  abandon my personal style? Or (and this is more likely) will I cling to the fashions from my generation and maybe redefine “classic”, comforting myself in the bargain.
I suppose I’m worried that I will all of a sudden hit some sort of wall, after which I won’t struggle to meet the expectations I made for myself.

That’s the day I will be old.

I am alone most of the time these days. I am alone but not lonely. In the large-scale stress of the past few months, I have just given up on even trying.

But I’m guessing it will all balance out in the end.

Update 1: Today is my dear friend, Sheetal’s birthday. Whether you know her or not, drop in a line. Bonus points are involved. You can request for a song or an artist/band and I will put it up on my next post!

Update 2: I know I’m way over the age of crushes and infatuations but there’s this guy who is so cute I can hardly stand it. Since I have no way to know whether my crush is actually reading this or not (because of course I can't do something as sensible as ask him), I am going to be constantly tortured by uncertainty about whether he's read what I wrote about him or not and realize what a neurotic girl I am.

He is so cute I can hardly stand it.

So I was debating in my head which artist to choose for today. There were quite a few songs/artists I could have chosen from, but my mind was made up last night as I went through my play list. I like this new James Bond track because it features two of my favorite artists- Jack White and Alicia Keys.

Now for those of you who are just showing up to these posts here on EC let me explain a bit. Normally I post about music that I really love and artists that I support. While that is true of every post I write here on EC it does seem that most artists I choose to write about could fit into a small subset of music. With this track I was aiming to finally admit that I listen to other music, yes even top 40 music, in an effort to show that good music can be found in almost every genre {except techno}. I must admit, I’ve listened to this track, at least three times in a row and I’m not sick of it. I actually enjoy it quite a bit. Enjoy the tunes.