November 09, 2010

I might sound like I love going to the gym but the idea of going after a blissful vacation is not pretty. For the last few years I’ve been getting by on a recipe of being blessed with a great body type and being a continual activity machine. Except now my life isn’t really providing me with the high intensity cardio like it used to, at least not in enough periods to cancel out my love of meat, chocolates and any other fat-related foodstuff.

So I’ve resumed my sessions at the gym after two weeks which got my almost-rusting muscles moving again and I’ve got back some of my missing energy. Of course, the dilemma only arrives when my work-out routine becomes boring and the pain, post-workout.
I was ready and anticipating feeling like I had the flu after the first couple of workouts. Oh my god, I really expected less.

My thighs, MY THIGHS! I discovered that this evening after the second workout. I was halfway to sitting on the toilet when my legs failed; I landed on the seat wrong, and nearly ripped my shorts trying to save myself.

It definitely felt like I had the flu, if that meant the sickest you’ve ever felt and then someone beats you up one side and down the other with a baseball bat and steals your cough syrup.

I’m hoping after day three I feel a tiny bit better, like the way you feel with a hangover. I still can’t walk without saying ‘Ow’ a couple of hundred times, but I’m determined to do the entire run-up to Christmas and then take a break. And if by some miracle the exercises work as I imagined and my arms start to look like this one below, I’m hoping someone will tell me I still look pretty and buy me a dozen donuts.

Photo By Rokovor Vihienuo 

Mr. Big is easily my favorite band that I cannot seem to describe to others. Or for that matter get other people to listen to. They’re a band out of the land of California and lead singer Eric Martin sings in one of the most beautiful voices I’ve ever heard. If the angels from on high sang in American then this is what the leading vocals would sound like. This release was part of their fourth studio album labeled ‘Hey Man’ containing this track called "Dancin' Right into the Flame".

For those of you who just found my blog take a minute to peruse other posts here at EC. I hope you enjoyed yourself this past month, November is sure to bring something amazing to everyone.