January 11, 2010

Moving on

Blues band, Soulmate has been breaking down barriers and putting forward their musical identity, inspiring and cultivating a legion of fans. Some nearly-obsessive fans, including me, broke out in a frenzy when word finally leaked that the band was going to perform in B’lore before they took off to play at the music festival in Memphis. Last night was my first taste of the band’s music this year, and what a taste it was.

I journeyed by an auto to the Soulmate concert that took place on late Friday night at B-Flat (in B’lore). 9 of my friends and I, sprinted toward the venue, trying to make sure we caught good seats and didn’t have to stand it out until 11:30 P.M.
“Set Me Free” was the encore, and as we approached the end of the first set we found a massive crowd had formed, all to show the band their support. This time I would have to wait a while before I could speak to either Rudy (the guitarist) or Tips (the vocalist). Sad, but ecstatic about the show, I met fellow blogger, Anupama, to discuss how brilliant the band had been. And as the perfect emotional coda for the night, Rudy Wallang, dedicates one of the songs to me. I didn’t need to actually see or hear anything to know what was happening because everyone turned towards my direction.

The band was completely in sync and music of one of the best concerts of all-time was ringing in my ears. It had the usual buzz and exhilaration, but also melodies to sing along with, beats to bop your head to, lyrics that were fun and momentous. Tips’ voice and Rudy’s playing was transcendent and timeless; the music - entirely modern and original. Soulmate has shaped the Blues so that it can be well received by dance-happy teens as easily as it could be played to know-it-all 40-somethings. Songs, if not listened to live, can also be blasted from car speakers on a warm summer day or listened to tenderly on headphones on a rainy one.

Looking back at 2009 I reached that music that changed everything. And if you’ve kept an eye on this page you’ve realized it too. I put up as much about Soulmate in hopes that you guys will chime in the comments and share my favorite musical moments. It’s an epic band that can lift you up when down, fill your heart with happiness when it needs it, give you that kick, that sense of urgency to get going. This band is true testament, for the music scene, to wake the hell up.

I also want to thank my wonderful friends- Runa, Pete, Saina, Sama, Tamara, Kaushyk, Charlie, Anupama, Kanchan, Zoe, and all the others, on behalf of the band, for making it to the show.

P:S Those in Delhi, please catch Soulmate’s show on 14 Jan 2010, 09:00 PM at The HARD ROCK CAFÉ.

“Moving on”