March 16, 2009

How was your weekend?

I am incredibly sleep-deprived at the moment, and plan on tumbling onto the cold hard floor the minute I’m finished posting this, waking up in my own drool several hours later, oblivious to all current events.

Ever since I started working I lost the possibility to spend lovely nights with my own friends. Since then I’ve made plenty other friends and have tagged along with them for fun nights and it has been a lot of fun too, though different all together. Ladies night out was something the girls- Runa, Ruan and I came up with in college. It was the time we got to dress up and go somewhere fancy, do what we want and talk about things we can’t with the guys around. It was more about talking than anything else. The night always promises to bring us, top-notch ladies together with some top-shelf dining. Here are some photos from Saturday night with the ladies! :-)

Thank you girls - I love you two! The chocolate shots were fun to have, I ate all the food placed in front of me in a great frenzy mood, and enjoyed it a lot. The only disappointment was being asked by a bald old guy to join him and his veteran friend for a drink! :-/

I celebrated my return to drinking again this weekend, and I am very, very thankful for the existence of Ladies Night. And then, just to balance out the weekend and make sure it doesn’t get too boxy, I went shopping on Sunday.

I got a new haircut too, to keep the heat off my neck - something of a makeover.

Mmmm! I love summer time.

There’s nothing like a good song and good music doesn’t need to remind you how clever it is, it doesn’t need fantastic new age noises and it doesn’t even need a very long introduction. While routine and social calls piled up between work and home this song stayed firmly on my play list. Despite getting pushed back a little, I promised not to waver. Then today, during a brief quiet period in work, I pressed play on track one. And I smiled. Regardless of a relative lack of commercial success, this remains one of my critical favorites. Most of the songs from this artist are acoustic tracks and it has to be said, more simple than the stuff I play here on EC but it’s still such a gem. I don’t know if you can ask more of an album than for it to stick in your head and make you wish you came up with the lines yourself. It's a simple song with a catchy little hook. Sometimes that's all you need. Take a listen. ‘Sleeping Dogs’ by Madeline.

Happy Monday, y'all!