April 30, 2009

Random Thursdays

Things that have been running through my head the past few days:

Ding ding! I need to make it out of this alive.

How’s shit working out for you over there?

Girl I’ve been ignored and I am sopping wet. I don’t even know who I am anymore!

‘Dead Confederate’ gives a soul wrenching performance.

Also I can’t be mortal enemies with dogs.

I think I get along with 23 yr olds a little too well.


What Would Elvis Presley Do?

I’m watching ‘Rachel Getting Married’ and eating wedding cake. What u doing?

Love is dead. Marilyn Manson lives, sadly.

Everybody’s so fucking in love with their own traditions.

This thing is starting to get away from us…

This smoked bacon is amazing.

I’ve been pulled into a sticky situation.

I just heard from my archenemy, who was nice, which makes me SO MAD.

I just realized I have a skeleton in my bag I meant to give you.

I’m most fun.

What were her parents even thinking?

Denim skirt and leather boots! Stockings! Wait, no. Black dress and leather boots. And a feather boa. And a cowboy hat! And that glittered tiara! Oh, and a Batman mask.

You’re in an all day montage!

No, you love this. Shut up and go to sleep.

That’s a good start.

Just call me, Eve.

George Michael must have easily had one of the most hyped albums of the 90’s. Whether you hate his guts now, don’t you forget that you more than likely waited around anxiously for that mushy number ‘Careless whisper’ to be played on radio or your friend’s car. To bring you back to 2009 there have been a lot of covers flitting around the internet for the past few years, which I’m sure you’ve heard, and this past month Seether had the good sense to do the above mentioned track justice and to make it sound like it was born in alternative rock.

This track is great and it has very easily made me forget about the original. On that note I guess I shall end this post. Here’s to hoping you enjoy the track below and the long weekend.

As simple as it may seem to sit around spending time with a bunch of friends, it’s rare to find a day that our schedules match. It’s even rarer to hang out with a group of people I can totally feel comfortable with and just talk my heart out, let alone be able to indulge in the pleasure of discussing about music and other random things. To two good friends, who remind me how good it is to laugh, and help me realize that I don’t do it nearly enough anymore.
Pete and Runa!!! Happy Birthday Kids!