January 15, 2010

It’s About Time to Meet You

Every afternoon when I walk down three floors to the cafeteria, I’m on the look out for cute guy. And every day, I try to wear on some courage, look him in the eye and try to think of some way to communicate with him in the two seconds we pass each other. Short of yelling “Hey!” or carrying a sign that says ‘HELLO SIR I THINK YOU ARE SO SO SO CUTE’, I have no idea.

He sort of looks like if Prince William got his act together and started working for some corporate firm. I like his glasses and his short cropped hair, his cute straight fit pants, and watching his lips widen into a smile - gives my heart this fluttery little pang. I’m pretty positive he has a girlfriend and although we glance at each other and never smile I have no doubt that he wouldn't pause a second to take a slug for me, were there slugs for the taking. Quite recently I found out that cute guy is into photography and has bought a camera similar to mine. I mean, if we ended up together, it’d be perfect, so I’m willing to build on that. Any dazzling and levelheaded thoughts, readers?

If you're expecting an exciting recap of the week, well, you're shit outta luck. Don't get me wrong - I had some fun. It was my parent’s 30th anniversary and the ways in which it was celebrated are pretty much a blur at this point. I recall lots of eating and old people.

But I’ve realized that my parents have understood the simple fact that relationships take constant maintenance. As they say, in marriage...you take the good, you take the bad, and you take it all. It will obviously take a long while for me to understand and make sense of this giant conundrum since I’m a sucker for the single life and that I revel in the sense of possibility. I like being able to focus primarily on me and my goals for now and I like being a single, 20-something woman in B’lore city, writing about my experiences. I have a bad habit of being a bit of an experience whore, but it’s at least gratifying, and I hope useful and/or amusing to those of you reading in some small way.
I’ve been blessed this year already; in that I’ve had an almost continual stream of new music to captivate my ears. One band that I seemed to have asked to listen to is Bright Eyes. Their clever brand of indie folk and rock is fascinating and attention-grabbing and the music in the track ‘Lover I Don't Have to Love’ is every bit as mischievous as you’d expect. But for some reason Conor Oberst’s voice adds just the right amount of gravity to make this song worth a second, third, or tenth listen.

Do come back often and read some of the regular posts where I basically tell you what you should listen and what you should not, and I succeed in compelling you that you’re not cool unless you’re just like me. Oh, and make sure you check back soon to catch more. Cheers.

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mentalie said...

say 'hey' and speak cameraise. works like a charm.