July 31, 2008

A New Honour

Planning to throw a party for a friend who happens to also be Dex’s friend. Hmm... We know whose name makes it first on the list, don’t we?
I’ve been so incredibly charmed and delighted that I know I am in for some real trouble. I am not sure how to deal with the fact that he might be reading this. (If you are Dex- then bugger off!). Even so I’m going to still keep writing about him because I don’t want to have to censor myself and it would just be oh-so-boring if I can’t give a pitiably irrational account of my pitiably irrational existence. I promise to give more details soon about my complicated life with him. Of course, I'll have to think about the likelihood that this chase might actually end in success and won’t really spare me the time to write. Then what is to become of my blog? With any luck I’ll be greatly displeased with him in an amusing way (like I always am with Dex). That way I’ll be always free to post about music I’m crazy about and throw in details of my mind-numbing life. Thank god I make my choices on what will make people happy.

I’ll be spending the weekend at CK’s. It’s movie night and then something illegal. Due to these good times I most likely will not have access to the internet for a couple of days but don’t fret, I’ll be back on Monday with some fresh new music and details for you kids to gobble up.

Emerging alternative rock band, ‘A New Honour’ comprises of William Prince on vocals, Dann ‘Mars’ Mitchell on the lead, Chris de Monye on bass and Jeremy Yuen on drums. They may sound like the standard alternative rock bands out there but what stands out are their rousing lyrics. Here’s a band to keep an eye out for and the album ‘The Untitled Truce’ is sure to make fans of alternative rock music beg for more.

I’m so glad I have this space to write about music on my own terms and put it out here for other people to read. I started this blog with the way music made me feel and the things I love about it and have since waded through artists- famous and unheard of, hit singles, new discoveries, old discoveries, love and life that I’ve found in my search for music. I never thought I’d have people comment, write to me and tell me that they like this blog let alone read it. The best news is that this spring is far from dry. Thanks for reading y’all.

Here's A New Honour with 'Close the Ocean'

July 30, 2008

After half a day of working and the rest spent on a book ‘Infidel’ (John’s gift to me). Things are good. I love it here in B’lore. Impossible to put into words but very cool.

When I reached home from work, I decided to go for a walk. So many interesting people at this time of the day. The veterinary clinic's opened and I can see the dogs and their owners lined up on the pavement, waiting to see pet vet extraordinaire. Dirty laundry is piling up at auntie’s store but no matter what, she’s always so nice tempered. Weird creepy man always comes out when I pass by his house and there’s my dog- who follows me whenever I take a walk. He’s so protective. Short-stuff is only about 2 ft tall but he looks so tough when he struts around the place. It’s hard not to laugh.

Would someone explain me to myself? I was hoping to see Dex and yesterday I had the perfect reason too. It was a mutual friend’s birthday and Dex messaged to ask me if I was going. I told him I wasn’t. I’ve been feeling quite out of it lately for some reason.

I hate dreaming and not following through on said dreams because I’ve started dreaming about something else. So now I’m going to buy some ice-cream and cry while I eat every single spoonful and get enormously fat.

I’ve decided I’m going to learn how to cook (CK, you should be proud of me). I figure, I’m going to have to eat everyday for the rest of my long life so it would be a great idea if I learnt how to make the food I so easily put into my mouth. My mum, being the fiery telegite that she is, loves to put chilies in everything, cooking for myself will be the only way I know for sure what exactly goes into my food.

Yesterday, I had posted a track by one of my new favorite artists- Brandi Carlile. She’s one of the many women out there making brilliant music. Her sound can be cited as influences from artists such as K.D Lang, Jeff Buckley and Radiohead. She’s a rare breed today that crafts an entire album so carefully to fit and flow together into a great listen. She’s found a way to capture this magic time and time again. Her soaring voice may make others cringe but it makes her sound so unique and that’s what has gotten her upon the main stage of modern music.

That's Brandi Carlile with twin brothers Tim and Phil Hanseroth, who play the guitar and bass. Tim and Phil, along with Brandi, co-produced Brandi's self-titled album.

‘The Story’ was a single from the album recorded in an eleven-day-long session. The audible crack in Carlile's vocals was a mistake but was part of the way the album was recorded. She describes the vocals as "technically wrong but emotionally right.”

To Dex.

July 29, 2008

I must admit that I spent Sunday holding my breath, waiting for Dex to call. By the second part of the day I just wanted to call him and discuss about the weather and slowly slip in lunch or dinner or clubbing this weekend but I held off lest I appear to be as hopelessly in love as I felt at that moment. I dreamt that night of lovely little moments, details of which I cannot disclose. But I’m positive that I would’ve had my own raving mass simply go ‘Awwwww…’ The dream was going smoothly and even I was impressed at how romantic I could be. Of course, it's at the moment when I'm the proudest of myself -friggin Monday- had to come up and bitch slap me across the face.

This is something my close friends know about me and I think it’s time I write about it on my blog. It’s always been difficult for me to go out on dinner dates. I always get nervy by the thought of eating in front of someone I don’t really know. I didn’t have this problem with Dex because he’s been around for like forever and I’ve embarrassed myself with him as much I possibly could. I’m a total klutz and I used to believe I was the most clumsiest person alive until I met the crooner (he’s far worse but so unflustered about it. Wish I could be like him). I swear the universe has it in for me. It’s always those wretched glasses that will break when I’m laughing or the fork that’ll jump out of my hand when I’m trying to make a point. Fortunately, my dates have found it cute and it is at this exact moment when I realize that my search for love hasn’t been entirely unsuccessful.

Enough about me now, there’s someone else I want to write about. (Yes, you heard. SOMEONE ELSE. I don’t think of myself all the time. Gosh, I’m starting to feel dizzy.)

Moving on. Adam (my new friend from Ohio) has given me his fiancé’s demo CD.

He wanted me to listen to it and tell him what I thought about it. I’m honored that he would even want to know what I think of it. So, I gave the CD a listen. Not really my type of music but I thought her vocals were amazing. I can't seem to upload her track. Maybe sometime later when i figure this player out.

Happy Birthday Sheenz.

Brandi Carlile- Turpentine

July 27, 2008

The recent happenings in Bangalore have had an adverse affect on me. I’ve been thinking…what if today was it? Fortunately, I wasn’t the only one with the thought. My old friend was so shaken up about Friday that I decided to meet up with him last night. My existential loneliness, my doubts about whether I fit in the human race would be shoved someplace, not so pretty, for the evening and I would find short-lived but blissful friendship in the company of a friend. I really didn’t expect ending the night with a crush on him. So now it’s time to give my friend a little nickname- hmm…Dex. I used to call him that when we were in college. Dex and I have been great friends but we’ve also had this unusual chemistry between us for the past eight years. I met him at my college fest. He was cute and I had just dedicated three songs to him. I’m so glad I was so determined to get to know him.

Last night we had a lovely date, we laughed, we talked, we gossiped about mutual acquaintances but no stretch of imagination allows me to understand how I could have a crush on him, since the date was so ordinary! After dropping me home and then placing a kiss… on my cheek (no no, I wasn’t that lucky), things are as murky as ever. Evidently the universe has decided to complicate my life, like it wasn’t already complicated enough and in an effort to bring clarity to my life I have decided to not call him for some time. I feel so vulnerable. What's to protect me from the sticks and stones of an outrageous fortune? I think I’m just going to ground myself at home then I’ll never have to worry about having unnecessary infatuations. Don't you wish you were me? Then you could be this healthy all the time. Why didn't anyone tell me that the Gin Blossoms was the kind of band you can’t miss out on? I had never heard anyone tell me that they were so amazing that I had to check them out. The Gin Blossoms are an alternative power popster band from Tempe, Arizona and they are incredible. My favorite at the moment is ‘Until I fall away’. Their music has been out there for a long time. I just haven’t heard it, until now. This song has classic melody, delicious harmony and an unforgettable chorus, all which adds up to an obvious hit single. If for some reason, this band hasn’t made its way into your collection, check it out. This song was released a long time ago- 1994, to be precise but it’s worth another listen if you skipped over at it at some point. You might just hear flashes of your own life in it’s notes.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

July 26, 2008

I meant to post this yesterday but I was caught up with so many calls. The post was supposed to start something like this-‘Today was boring. Nothing new. Boring….’ (well, you kinda get where I’m going with this.) But yesterday wasn’t just one of those typical days at work. The day had begun with pregnant clouds and the dark sky pressing hard on the city and it had ended very cruelly.
Restlessness and tension built in the air. Something felt wrong. I could see it on the face of my colleagues. They tried to be really subtle about it but it didn’t work. Ck came out of the training room and his face looked rather ghostly. The next thing I heard out of my colleague’s mouth was, ‘there’s been a bomb blast!’ (Get outta here! In Bangalore?) And the news covered it all, 8 bomb blasts. A blast had occurred close to our office and we were told to leave as soon as possible. I had called friends and family incase the phone line got jammed later on. Everyone I knew was ok. During my wait for calls to connect I thought of how this had shaken our little life in paradise. It was chaos on the road and the commute back home was hell. It seemed like the traffic was far deadlier than any bomb.

Meeting my best friend tonight who was in the same area the blast occurred. He saw the whole thing. The city is getting back to normal and everybody is trying to forget yesterday as a bad dream and I wish none of us would experience any such thing ever again.

Hoping the smoke clears. Till then stay cool.

This just reminds me how fragile life is. ‘Breakable’ by Ingrid Michaelson:

July 25, 2008

This blog was created after a conversation with a friend made me realize that it would be great to write about two things I love the most- music and me. Hmmm…I worry sometimes if I have my priorities right.

Most of my friends are married and many of them are very happy but I hate it when they think you aren't happy because you aren't married. Of course because I'll be happy if I get a joint checking account with my husband, develop into an utterly needy wife and then hate myself for getting into something I didn’t want to and live just a totally miserable life. And it's not like you can actually tell him once you're fed up of him, "I'll see you sometime." intending never to see him again as long as you live.

Okay, I came across this blog and I don't know how I've lived without it all these years. Everyone has got to go here immediately to read one of the funniest blogs I've read online. I have only one thing to say today, which overshadows all other happenings of the day: I remembered an old song- 'Crying in the rain'. Aside from one sloppy ballad-like offering I can definitely assert that the music is quite good. Personally (and this is just my humble opinion), I dig this version of the song. The vocals are so emotional, and on the whole, the song reminds me of being alone on my terrace... only to have it rain. Oh, wait it is… I labored searching for this track. It was tough, but I do it out of love for the music.

You want the music. So here you go:

July 23, 2008

I remember how nutty I used to be about happy ending chick flicks. I used to wonder what life would be like after the movies, and it hasn't been so bad really. Although now I think I've mellowed down. These days, I eat a lot, type a lot and fantasize about places I'd like to go, situations I like to be in and men I’d like to go out with. I worry mostly about whether I’ve read the mails right or I've screwed up somewhere at work. Gosh, I've been reduced to a robot, haven't I? I've moved on and left the dreaminess behind. Something within feels less significant as if I’ve been shoved into a pothole, wilting and dwindling with every passing day. I hate to be this way. This brings to mind a scene in Papillion when the protagonist dreams of being accused by ethereal judges of committing the worst sin possible- that of a wasted life. I would hate for my life to just wither away. I wish I was me, five years ago. Young, hopeful, idealistic.

When I got home from work- I realized my dog had a new collar. I should do a profile on him soon. He’s been one of my favorite dogs, a scruffy little fellow called Brownie (for the record, I did not name him or I would’ve come up with something like Arthur or Toto). He eats a lot and dreams for long hours. He does get a little looney at times but that’s why I love him to bits.

I watched The Other Boleyn Girl today. It features one of my favorite actors- Eric Bana. I didn’t really like how the women were portrayed, especially Ann Boleyn (played by Natalie Portman). But overall, the movie wasn’t too bad. It made a very interesting watch.

Okay, tonight is my night for a good night's rest with Patrick Dempsey. I'm going to be watching ‘Made of Honour’ in a hour or two. Cold day today. Not good. But I'm just glad to be finished with work and at home and in bed.

I’m a huge fan of Eric Martin cos he’s just brilliant. I believe he was one of the best artists in the American music scene and I still feel that way today. There exists talent and consistency in his music that is not often found in today’s modern single song download driven industry. All his songs are amazing and I challenge you to find a single track of his that isn’t absolutely worth having in your music collection.

I really love the song below. Go on press play.

July 22, 2008

It seems ages ago when I was in college. I was looking at some of the photos I took back then and I wish time was always on my side so that I could return to the days that I loved best.

Last night wasn’t the most fun, but it was a lasting experience. My house was, after a long time, finally alive with the loud laughter of people relaxing and trays of food whizzing past me. John, Jim, Bryan, Adam and me did a lot of talking and we stuffed ourselves (okay, I did the stuffing) with some homemade biryani. We were a little lost when we heard John sing Elvis’ ‘Love Me Tender’ (he’s the best Elvis impersonator I know.). That was one of the last lovely moments I had before they left for their hotel. Bryan and Adam, were equally interesting to get to know. Both of them studying, with a great love of life, art and the small pleasures that each day affords. Adam goes back to the US in a week or so to get married. He’s so young but is so sure of what he wants and he's smitten. He's smitten, I'm envious.

I feel I ought to be mentioning some of the movies I've seen recently:

- Papillion (Took a lot of breaks during the movie. It was more than I could stomach.)

- Employee of the Month (how could anyone not watch this. hehe.)

- License to Wed (not so good. Sorry, Robbie.)

- Volver (It was all right. Expected so much more.)

I came upon a San Diego band called ‘My American Heart’, quite unexpectedly. ‘The Shake (Awful Feeling)’is one hell of a song. If anything, the album should be obtained just for that one track. They’re practically unheard of, but that's where I come in, ready to unearth a few favorite goodies for the sake of the greater good.

To Bryan, Adam, John n Jim:

July 21, 2008

The time on my computer screen reads 3:00 pm. It's still peaceful at the office where I'm writing this. Guess everybody’s suffering from a bad case of Monday blues. Matt Nathanson’s ‘Wedding Dress’ plays and the day outside is cool from last night’s rain. Washed my face and walked around the cubicle to help wake my muscles up!

I did nothing all weekend except watch a bunch of movies. My parents were quiet as they went about their own duties. My sis and bro-in-law were busy preparing for the upcoming event. I didn’t go for the practices as I wasn’t in the mood but I heard the new lead guitarist is amazing. He apparently played some great little fills here and there and provided an astounding instrumental break for one of the songs. Can’t wait to see this guy everyone’s talking about.

Someone broke into CK’s house and the thought of watching the Dark Knight didn’t enter our minds. Last week I was insanely busy with work. I just hope the work load doesn’t repeat this week. I'm counting down the number of days that’ll end July. I hate July… Perhaps, in August I'll finally be able to read those books that have been lying around in my room for over a couple of months (watching movies be damned, I want my reading time).
Dinner tonight with a bunch of friends from Ohio. I’m not cooking, so I suppose the night should turn out all right. I should start using the straightening iron more often then I’d stop looking like Medusa. My trusty bag has started wearing out, which means, I’ll have to go shopping for another. Maybe I could get the same spacious white leather bag. It's big enough to put all my usual crap in (wallet, phone, keys, notebook, pens, chocolate stash, camera, chargers, miniature toiletries - of which, the hand lotion is all I use; why I keep the rest (assorted papers and receipts) is a mystery.

Daniel Moses. I haven't thought of him in years, but he has been a hard-to-remove memory. He was my dad’s best friend’s son. We had grown quite close when he came down to B’lore. Then came college. He had his friends, his girlfriend and his life. Months passed by with no word from him. Until one day, he asked me over to his place. I didn’t go because I was so angry at him for not keeping in touch. A week later, his body was found. Washed up on the shores of Goa. How my heart hurt every time I thought of his face. ‘I’m sorry I couldn’t make it to the funeral. I felt so guilty. I miss you Dan.’ Gone, but never forgotten.

I shall speak no more. Here’s the music.

“But I need you to know that I care,
And I miss you.”

- ‘I miss you’ by Incubus.

July 18, 2008

Hoping the wait for the next great band or album will end soon. I had waited so long for Coldplay’s album to be released and now that I’ve listened to it nearly a thousand times over I’m waiting for something new to shake the ground beneath my feet. Until then I’ll have to play it cool for some time but if we’re in for another round of boozy lyrics and rock tunes faltering really close to standard… I think I might pass out.

A couple of weeks ago I had set out on what I thought would be a half an hour trip to the music store to buy The Unseen Guest and Lifehouse’s albums. It’s been long overdue so my patience levels were verging on psychotic. I went to both Planet M and Music World. Nothing. Where else was there to go to buy an album by a lesser-known band? What about Lifehouse? I thought they were big? That was the end of the road for me. After an afternoon of chasing my tail I figured shopping a bit would cheer me up. I think I’m on a complain trip, so bear with me. I’ll get over it in a day or two.

I can’t wait to see the Dark Knight. When this baby hits theatres, you better believe I’m there. I’m also plotting to write about Kings of Leon sometime soon. In addition, I’m still in search of good new music. From there, let’s see where my exploration takes me.

People think I’m obsessed with myself. Thinking about it, if I had a chance I’d probably marry me. I’m just the kind of person that loves me a little bit more than others do themselves. And why not? I’ve worked hard to be the person I am at present. I like me- messy, a bit rude at times and crazy enough to put myself through crap that isn’t worth the self-infliction but the best part of it all is that my world has everything to do with music.

While I can’t really speak for the rest of the album – ‘Take me out’ by Franz Ferdinand is a fun and punchy track that is fairly relentless in its spunk. The seamless switch from verse to chorus makes you want to say –genius! Press play below. For an extra bizarre kick, watch the video here and say goodbye to your crappy mood. Have a great weekend y’all!

July 17, 2008

I seem to have a weird relationship with our local radio station ‘Radio Indigo- 91.9 FM’. There are times when I absolutely love it. Then there are times when I abso*fuckin*lutely despise it. I am a critical insider hence I can afford to offer my criticism. I’m glad that Bangalore has an English radio station but I’m extremely critical of the music that’s being played on air especially since there’s very little of it that truly strikes me as good. Nevertheless, I just can’t stop listening to the station for fear of losing touch with music that’s being released. So I put up with listening to the corny ads, Barker’s use of ‘wicked’ in every alternative sentence and 50 Cents’ music that drives me up the wall.

When did New Kids on the Block come and go? I thought they were ready to shake pop history? Guess they just fell into the category: Nothing Spectacular.

Before anyone out there goes, ‘you mentioned earlier that you love your job!’ Hold up a second. I mean ‘the job’ as in that energy-sucking, mood-crushing, pressurizing, corporate hulk. It drives me out of mind when I get cornered by my boss who’s not even in this country. Admittedly, at one time he really managed to shake off that image in my mind and I really enjoyed coming to work with a mission to do my best. Now it just seems like putting up with consistent assaults on my work. Honestly, it really kills work for someone like me who gets absorbed in her job. I’ve been particularly bothered the last couple of days because I was forced into thinking that I might’ve screwed up. Good grief! I need tea!

I’m frequently oblivious to the fact that not everyone likes the same music I do. Then I mess it up further by asking them- ‘Why? But why? Why? Why not? Why?’ It perplexes me all the more when the other person has no idea or doesn’t really appreciate some song or artist or genre when it is completely beyond me that one could actually exist without it.

Any thoughts, people? Comment, comment, comment away….

Here’s the man whose music speaks to people. I first heard him on the show ‘One Tree Hill’ and his music fit in so well with the tormented characters of the serial. It took me a couple of years to get to his music but now that I have it’s going to take me some time to get over him. Here’s a shout-out to my man- Matt Nathanson!

July 16, 2008

If I don’t write a guy off because of his misspellings then it’s his musical tastes that are so unlike mine or he dresses up funnily or he’s done it with too many women. And if he doesn’t fall into this group then he has an attitude problem, of course. Hell is looking for a nice boyfriend in this city. Compared to that, other people are--well, perhaps not a walk in the park, but something much closer to limbo.

Note to self: be careful about giving your phone number to guys who sing. While they sound glorious on stage it doesn’t mean they make swell boyfriends.

There is so very much wrong and so little I can do to make it right. Even if I could change things I wouldn't know where to friggin start. This just feels like it’s beyond my control and it’s depressing even to mull over. I think all I need to do now is drink myself into a dream. So next time you see me, I'll probably be singing one of those sad love-me songs on stage. Welcome to my irrational world!

I think I’m done with this post. I don’t really have any clever ideas to conclude this entry except to say that I love David Gray and ‘Best I Ever Had (Grey Sky Morning)’ was a track originally covered by Vertical Horizon (I think). I like both the versions but since the Vertical Horizon track I’ve got isn’t so very clear here’s David Gray:

‘…..Now I’m here to stay
Love can be so boring
Nothing’s quite the same now
I just say your name now’

July 15, 2008

Watched a couple of movies - 'The Island' {Ewan McGregor’s performance makes this predictable movie worth watching.} and 'Amistad' {brilliant}. My friend told me about two jobs, both at music magazines. I want to do some freelance work for some time. Not for the money. I just need to do something creative after 6 on weekdays.

Fresh blood at work. Too bad they aren’t part of our team. I would’ve loved to play dictator and think of ways to make my little slaves wonder about the meaning of the word 'freedom'. Muhahahaaaa {evil laugh}.

Lately, I’ve realized that I seem to stammer and stutter. In addition, I've noticed I mispronounce certain words and also have a high chance of saying things without thinking.Uh! What’s happening to me?

A couple of days ago, my bro-in-law showed me a video of this band that participated on the reality TV show ‘America’s Got Talent’. And… these guys called 'At Last' can sing! Check them out here and you might want to hold on to something strong once they start singing.

I need a hug! I’ve been told that with the right hug, a person can easily forget the worry that he/she is facing and reach a state of unconsciousness. I reckon it's a good place to be in because sometimes I need to forget.

The Rocket Summer’s track ‘so much love in you’ has lyrics that are quite catchy. It's a head-bopping, punk-rock sounding track and I haven’t been able to get the tune out of my head. It's been over a couple of months since I last heard this track; life and other business got my attention, and the file stayed hidden for a time. So it was with much cheer when I heard him on the radio on one of my drives to work.

Each post basically contains my personal opinion of the artist or track I write about. If you agree or disagree you may feel free to leave a comment or send me an email. I read them all. Seriously. Finally, I hope you enjoy the music and the posts put up here.

To SwB. Thanks for making my day.

July 14, 2008

EC's Ensemble

Greg Matthews - Vocals
Mikey Guitar - Guitars
Neil Treppas - Bass Guitar
Lee Bradbury – Drums

Once again, the time has come for me to post my new discovery. The band is called Bauer and they were simply good enough to garner my attention. The track below proves to be easy listening for any car currently driving the streets of this depressing world. The track ‘connected’ does a good job showcasing the talent these four boys from the North of England have.

Some tracks are very creative; some tracks will leave you lost in thought while others will simply leave you bouncing your head while your fingers reach involuntarily for the repeat button. For those of you who like the whole 80’s synth pop or Coldplay then check out Bauer on their easy to read page by clicking here or on their MySpace page here.

As a reminder - if you’re reading this then you can click on the player to hear the track called ‘Connected’. Also, each and every song you see here on EC can be yours. Simply mail me and I will send you the tracks.

You must. You have to check out Lion of Ido’s- new song ‘Top of The world’, up now on myspace and itunes.

I write this blog because I love music and more importantly I love to share songs, sounds and artists who I indisputably appreciate.

As the Rolling Stones would sing, “on with the show…”

To a friend of mine who keeps a brilliant blog. SwB.

July 12, 2008

I Heart Music

I’m inspired by a lot of modern artists and those that have come before me. My favorite genre apart from modern alternative rock is the rock/pop of the 80’s time period when Prince, The Police, Billy Idol, Tears for Fears & Bonnie Tyler were performing their biggest hits. The sound is so influential and amazing to me that there’s no way I could shy away from it. It’s in your face and it’s timeless.

Our little church has waited till it was cool enough to host an extravagant worship event in a month or so. They’re in the middle of getting the installation, performance and visual aspects of the concert ready. Musicians and singers are being called and practices are underway. Watch this space for more information on the upcoming show that is set to take over the neighborhood.

Built in the same villa as ‘Orange Peel’ is a couture store called ‘Sanctuary’. I laid my eyes on a very indie- looking Pepe top with an iconic vintage logo. Limited to only a few pieces produced, this vintage logo tee emblazoned with unabashedly cheerful colors, will surely be a rare delicacy among the boutique circuit.

Do you have a place you go to where you can totally zone out? I do. It’s my bedroom. Every time I sit with my family in the living room it’s like I’m sitting with people I don’t really know. Like they’re from different countries packed into a bus for a day. Very eerie. I get into my room and it’s the same feeling you get when you see a full moon rising over a fog covered city. Very cool. Very trippy.

Work has started flowing in. All this time we’ve been working on the US market so there hasn’t been a lot to do. Yesterday, we got the European market under our wings and boy, are we swamped with work.

Went out with the crew last night to see ‘Hancock’. Hmm… expected so much more. But it wasn’t so bad. Atleast I had the caramel popcorn.

There wouldn’t be the saying “there’s life after *blah*” if there wasn’t life after it. I just feel like I’m stuck some place I don’t want to be in. How do I ever get past it? Someone hand me the happy pill, puhleez!

I’m having a hard time continuing this post because my little niece Abigail wants my attention or she threatens to throw my laptop off the desk. Here’s Damn Yankees with ‘High Enough’. To Dilli. Happy B’day.

July 10, 2008


Work has been insane. I feel like it’s melting my brain. I’m also feeling really tired and psychotic. I think I’ll just need some music to calm me down.

After my crew and I watched ‘Caramel’ we talked about how much we loved it and I decided that I should get my other friends to watch it as well. What I love about the film is how everything appears so unrehearsed and unforced. This foreign film is so true to life, where drama doesn't always need to conclude in romance. Every scene begged repeat viewings and the movie highlighted the strength of the characters – lives of very real women.

Before I met the crew at a dinner party thrown for Ruan last night, I did some last minute shopping, paid up, zipped out of the store and headed to Orange Peel. “Unwind your Senses,” reads their mission statement. I was blown away when I entered the restaurant. It represents what’s been missing from B’lore’s dinning beauty. What better way to celebrate a new aesthetic for beauty than dining with the beautiful stars? I had the most amazing food there. I tried the chicken, beef and seafood dishes- overall, it was spectacular.

Well the weather has been weird over the past few weeks and we've had just a couple of good days of sun in that time. Not to complain or anything but it is friggin freezing right now. It's been raining all the way through and it doesn't look like it is improving anytime soon. My hot water bottle is my new best friend.

Ending this post with a track by Deep Purple. This is one of my favorite tracks from the band. Love the way Tony Das played this track at Palace Grounds. ‘Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming’.

July 08, 2008

Celebrating Ru

I'm not a huge fan of tennis. But what a game last night! Nadal was fabulously insane!
A friend of mine had taken pictures of him when he came to Chennail some time back. Check them out here.

Summer is already over. I'm looking out of the window at grey clouds. A day for 'Caramel'.

My parents and I hardly talk anymore. I see them as soon as I reach home and then I'm in my room getting acquainted with the darkness and the music.

Had a one on one with my lead yesterday and had presentations all day today. Surprisingly, it went pretty well.

Sunday was spent dozing and munching, bed-bound for the day and watching movies (hello Untraceable and The Bank Job). By evening I was beginning to feel a little sorry for myself. Still, that was only part one. Part two had socializing with friends at dinner. Lots of meat was involved and it was only the addition of a rather nice bowl of soup that stopped me from being completely dead. This morning was good but my body feels like it's stretched by some torture device or something. I'm growing old.


I want to post more, but I am tired, so need to get out of work early and buy something for Ruan's birthday tomorrow. I'll post again tomorrow and I'll put my favorite track for this week up.

One person who sounds like an absolute angel and I am not exaggerating – Sarah McLachlan. She's got so much heart in her music that it moves through her lyrics, erupts uncontrollably with the unique texture in her voice and leaves a deep resonance in the minds of listeners. Her music is phenomenal and legendary. This goes out to Ruan. I'm lucky to have a friend like you. Thank you for everything. Not merely for those laughs and fights, but the gift of friendship. Happy B'day love!

July 07, 2008

Oceans without Walls

I screwed up the weekend. I acted like such a dimwit on Friday that I spent the entire weekend getting over the hangover and regretting it all. I realized I had lost out on a chance to take some amazing pictures on Friday night because the batteries in my camera died on me. But I’m happy that after such a long time the entire crew was able to make it. I’m just sad that I didn’t capture any of those moments.

On Saturday evening I replied to the crooner’s message and then the sms’es just kept flowing in. On Sunday, I told myself a 100 times over that I’ll have to let him go. I was pretty proud of myself for not giving into his charm and it would be rather awesome if I could keep this up. But sometimes I think of just picking up the phone and dialing his number. I just have to continue to push myself. Keep myself moving into that place where I won’t feel so weak, so emotional. Mental conflict! I think it’s time for me to crawl back into my little shell. It’s kept me quite safe and I’ve been doing it for a long time. So I’ll be stunting my social growth now more than ever.

I’m really mad about losing my mind. My friends really dislike the crooner and it makes it even harder when I can’t talk to them about my feelings for him. Today, I’ve gotten myself to the office with a note in my head, which I keep going over again and again:

Slow down. Waaaayyyy Down.

Think twice before you react to something. Don’t snap at people just cos you’re in a bad mood.

And, always carry spare batteries.

Is it just me or does anyone else out there need to listen to music to do any work? I just can’t concentrate on what I’m doing, be it writing or working, if I can’t have music playing in my head. That’s me during the beginning of the day. Post lunch it’s just music. No work, no videos, just listening to music. The aim is to just listen - every note, every word, every second of it and try to take all of it in.

I wish I knew how to deal with things.

I wish I was somewhere else right now.

I wish I could let go of the people in this world.

I wish I could do something that matters.

I think Foo Fighters should be given more accolades, more power and more love. Sure they’re huge but they are so much more than just that a band. They are masters of everything they touch. Everything. I have a weakness to like anything that they’ve worked on. This is an acoustic version of the song ‘Everlong’ and I think it sounds brilliant. I grabbed the audio, converted it to a delectable little mp3 and I’m putting it up here. This is for the crooner Have a great Monday y’all!

July 05, 2008

What Am I, Chopped Liver?

So many things bothered me when I was much younger, especially the way I looked. It constantly made me burst out in self-pity. Now, I feel sorry for my boyfriends of the past who had to put up with my anger and self- loathing. I can’t really say that I’ve gotten over all the insecurities and vulnerabilities. But now I feel like I’m in a much better place. Parts of my heart have been fractured, not by others but by my own choices and my own inability to make good choices.

Last night, I went to the Opus to watch Tony play. I don’t remember any of the songs sung, but I do remember Tony strumming the place red. Before I got to the venue I had a major brawl with my folks. Bad news, I’m not moving out. Now, I won’t have to reach into my savings or dream about the blinds and décor I want to pick out for the new place.

Anyways, back to the show. So I went to Opus with the intention of getting myself piss drunk. I get there and say a little prayer- ‘puh-leez let me not see the crooner tonight, NOT TONIGHT!’ God apparently had plans of his own because as soon as I realized that the coast was clear, HE walks in….and what a walk that was. I keep playing the moment in my head. Each time slower and slower. Okay, I need to snap out of it. So, he walks in and…and… Lord! I need to stop doing this. Moving on… he meets all his buddies and then sits at our table. That boy had some testicular fortitude to sit at my table after all the shit he’s given me. I spared myself no mercy and downed the screwdrivers as fast as I could. Things went hazy. My mind felt light and the guys on stage were like a movie playing on mute. CK asked me to sit next to him, so I did. The crooner sat next to him. We got into a conversation. After 6 months we actually talked. Somewhere during our banter CK disappeared and it was just the two of us. Conversation turned to flirting- involuntary on my part! And before we knew it, I was wiping sauce off his skin and he spoke of our dates. We fought to pay the bill. He paid it, but it was stupendously sensational when he held my hand for that brief moment. Look at me, I sure sound like one love struck puppy. It was time to go and I was so drunk, I couldn’t stand so I was escorted out of the place with the help of my crew. I hugged my crooner and left. I don’t remember what happened after that. My mind kinda went into shut down mode.

Checked my messages in the morning. One from the crooner. Ignored it. There’s no way I’m putting behind the hours and days of hurt and giving into him this easy. Spent the rest of the day with my niece. I never thought I would love anyone else, other than me, so much. I don’t really intend to have kids of my own so this one will always be my treasure.

Ah, Tori Amos. Her music sounds like an eclectic mix of intoxicating fervor. Ever seen her videos? It’s quite a sight. She can make any guy strip and every woman gay with the way she takes to the piano, legs placed quite seductively. While she sings she tosses her curly tresses- the movement magical, exquisite and slow. The world seems so beautiful.
In 2000 , Tori had been placed into the Rock n Pop Hall of Fame. She was one of the few women to be placed into this hall of fame so far.

The track below was without a doubt her biggest hit. It's not difficult to see why. It's a trip, it’s catchy and you can tune-out to it. She’s always given her fans something to slobber over. This is one of my favorites. If you don’t own a Tori Amos album I seriously suggest you go out and get it. It's well worth owning.

(You'd might want to turn up the volume on this track)

July 03, 2008

Reflections on Music and Events

I made a decision today… on impulse. A series of events had kinda driven me to this. The end result was... (No, I didn’t quit!) I applied for another job. Fingers crossed.
I’m having a hard time with the thought of leaving the friends I’ve made here but I think it’s time that I find a job related to writing, either for doing reviews and feature articles or whatever else there is. I don’t really know if I want to leave my company but I’m checking my options out there because that’s the kind of thing I hear irrational people do.

What do I need for my new house? That’s the question I’ve been asking everyone I know. I’ve been keeping a list of all the necessary things I’ll need for our new place. Fear, I’ll have to reach into my savings if a few other unforeseen necessities come up.
Man, I hope we’re still moving.

Do you ever get annoyed when you’re standing next to this guy, who's looking in your direction and says something. You ask, ‘Whaaat??’ and realize that he’s wearing one of those damn
blue tooth ear pieces and talking on it? I felt like bitch slapping that guy. But it wouldn’t be all that annoying if I got myself one of those babies.

My good friend Tony Das is going to perform at the Opus (again) this friday. So, even if you’ve something better to do (which I doubt, because it’s Tony performing at the Opus), get your butt there and book yourself in for a treat.

I live in the south of India where nothing bizarrely amazing ever happens. Which is probably why I have so much free time to listen to music and write posts daily.

Once again, the time has come for me to post my favorite track for the day. For those of you interested (I’m pretending that you care and you pretend that you’re reading this) you can listen to the track by hitting ‘play’. Close your eyes while you listen to this track. Try it. It’s better than drugs and it’s free. This song has everything in it to make it a new piece of art. I know the album has only been out for a little time, but this single hits all the right buttons at all the right moments. Coldplay brings ya ‘Lost’:

July 02, 2008

It's Only as Good as It Sounds

It looks like I’ve been running out of things to say nowadays. Maybe I should be doing something to get those creative juices flowing. Like smoke a joint or down a cup of hot scalding tea- nawh, that’ll just wake me up. Although, that seems to be the only thing accessible at work.
I’m working on finding something new that’ll make me feel warm. No luck though. Checked some videos, but nothing really clicked with me. I’m not giving up hope but I’m starting to feel kinda sick. There’s so much great music from the past that I’ve never heard before and I’m trying to dig for it.

It’s really weird when I talk to friends or people who have read my blog. Sometimes I feel like I’m just repeating something that the person would’ve already read. I sorta like the idea of maintaining a blog. It really helps me in having no choice but to accept myself the way I am.
For the guys reading this, it’s fine to tell me that you read stuff here. Actually please do. I can get into a long winded explanation of how there’s a lot more going on than what I usually write here.

Sometimes I’m really impressed with myself. Other times not so much.

Most of us, from a very a young age, start to think and discover things we like about life. The things that really bring you passion, move you, make you so ecstatic. Then as you get older and as those hormones set in you realize you want to meet someone who feels passionate about the same things you do... same music... similar books… same movies. Although, during this time you never really set out to meet people like that. Because hoping to meet someone who has those same quirks and likes as you is just being idealistic. Then you grow older. The hormones have set in. You realize that all that similarity crap is just plain boring and that sometimes its way better to meet people who are a little bit different than you are. That weird feeling when you’re around each other, called chemistry... I want to meet someone else who can understand this.

With songs like “Solitude,” “I’ll Be,” and “Could Not Ask For More,” my man, Edwin McCain knows how to put his hands on the pulse of music. For more than ten years, the alternative, indie singer-songwriter has been a staple in an ever-changing music industry.

If Edwin McCain has touched you, puh-leez raise your hand and give me a hellyeahh!

July 01, 2008

New post by Mister Mayer

Finally! he wrote another post:

I know I've written along these lines before, but do you know why it matters? Because someday you're going to be old, and things are going to change. Your body is going to turn on you. I already know where the L-5 and L-6 discs in my back are, because they're wearing down a little, and when I ask the doc how we lick this, he says "It is what it is. You're not 18 anymore." I have 3 gray hairs that I insist are "mutant clear hairs" but they're not. They're just gray. And right on time.

Chances are you won't get hit by that proverbial bus people always talk about when they're smoking a Lucky Strike and tipping back on their chair. Odds are also on your side (thank God) that you won't ever get the news from your doctor that you have only months left to live. But you know what he may very well tell you? That you need a new hip. Nobody ever says "live it up because someday you might need a new hip" but it's the truth. They don't say "Be good to one another because in time we'll all know a medical lab technician on a first name basis" but it happens every day.

My point is that whenever that someday comes, when I slide into the MRI scanner and the thing starts spinning up, spitting lasers and screaming into my ears, I may very well say to myself "I wish I had just one more of those summers."

Being a young man is kick-ass. Being a young man who knows that being a young man is kick-ass is what it's really all about. And as a musician, I'm finally learning to distinguish the notes that matter from the ones that don't. I'm also getting better at knowing those notes as a person, too. I'm excited to bring it all on stage, and even more excited to see you all out there.

Thank you for another one of those summers.

- John

Attempts To Heal Myself (2)

Last night I watched this really amusing film called ‘Employee of the Month’. It would’ve been a pretty good night except that I discovered that this guy I really like cheated on this girl I knew. And guess who the other girl was? ME!


With this discovery everything felt stressful. I really don’t know how to handle this sort of thing yet. But it feels like I’m getting used to it.

I’ve been asked why I constantly upload pictures on facebook. Why do I feel the need to capture moments? Why can’t I just experience it? I think that I’m just trying to pass on one amazing experience to someone else.

One of the things my folks have never understood about me is that I’m very much unlike the person they think they know. I feel like I’ll never be able to explain how I would rather listen to music all day and not search for my future husband or spend time learning to cook. They’ve never felt the bass that thumps your veins or felt the rhythm of a song in their stomachs or understood people pumping their fists when they listen to something they can’t contain their excitement for. I’ve spent so much time away from them in new and different situations in this crazy world, how could I expect them to understand? That’s one of the reasons why I want to move out - there’s just so much of a disconnect. Even if they can’t comprehend why I do the things I do, I hope they can accept it.

Heard a song on the radio today. Used to be one of my favorites when I worked at the radio station. I used to play this song every time I had control over the song selection. I sure do miss my days there. The band’s called Johnny Hates Jazz. They came up with music known as New Romantic pop during the 80's. While the band appeared to be trying too hard to tug at pop-loving hearts, their music was catchy. So for all you 80’s lovers, go ahead and take a listen to this track – Johnny Hates Jazz ‘Heart of Gold’. Enjoy the music.