December 10, 2008

Juniper Lane

‘We spent the day at home, in Dibuphar, 4th Mile. I was chatting away with my extensive kin. I’ve known all the members of the family for a couple of years now but my relative’s fiancĂ©, ‘Chen’ is the new addition and while the nearest and dearest had a hard time accepting him into the family, we’ve grown quite close. He’s reserved but talented, witty, and a truckload of fun when one gets to know him.’

Post-trip proceedings: I have to say, it has been extremely exhausting. And it's hard to be really brief or humorous about it, as I am experiencing extreme anxiety even while I write this. I’ve been trying to catch up with all the updates at work and trying to do stuff that would’ve taken me 15 minutes tops; I now struggle to finish in 45 minutes.
Last night I found myself thinking about the past and all the times I’ve been so very happy – researching a book after an M.A lecture or running to work at the radio station. So really I am just a big old ball of sappiness right now. No neuroses. I am even recollecting studying for finals in a melancholy and longing way.
Now if only I could experience such contentment in the moment, rather than looking back at it!

Oh, and I realized yesterday that somehow a comment by Lionel hasn’t made it onto this page. Sorry buddy. Perhaps the web had a nervous breakdown. So if you posted a comment and it didn't appear, it's not because I hate you. Now, somebody else's comment I might have gotten rid of because I hate him or her. But not you.
I'm trying to figure out this problem with my comment mechanism. If you try to leave a comment and something funky happens, fear not; before long all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well. So, Lionel, thank you for your post. Oh I know your brother wasn’t Elvis in the play… he just sounded very close to the King. Thanks for stopping by.
‘Take Me Home’ : Rock/Indie/Pop


This baby stretches past three minutes.

The track is by Juniper Lane.
Does the opening minute of this track remind anyone else of another song?
There’s just something so overbearingly uplifting about the opening segment. In a good way.
The louder you listen to this track the more you’ll like it.
This is an official dedication for all the music hyper informed and well connected bloggers and blog readers.

That’s all I got for this post. Check back often. I basically tell you what’s good and what I’m listening to. I succeed in convincing you that you’re not cool unless you’re just like me. Cheers.