October 18, 2009

It is I, Eve.

Step away from the edge, folks! Your lives have meaning again!

Yes, after taking a couple of weeks off to Nagaland, I’m back and very eager to brave the employment storm. Yesterday, I obsessively checked the weather to see if the heavy rains would prevent me from flying out on my 4 p.m. flight. Fortunately the rains stopped for awhile leaving a nice window of decent weather during which I could make my escape. Of course, that didn't prevent me from being stuck inside the plane for more than 3 hours because of an extra stop-over at Hydrebad! But I won't get started on my customer service tirade. The vein in my forehead only smoothed back down to skin level a few hours ago.

As for the reunion with family over there after a year, things couldn't have gone better. Everyone got along beautifully. The trip felt like a proper close to 25 and it's starting to feel like "back to school" time here.

I feel like I have more to share - and I know I'm way behind on posts and music - but my brain is a pulp from a very relaxing holiday and the thought of getting up tomorrow morning to go to the office only makes me want to veg out at home with mum and dad. I'm anxiously counting the minutes until I can go back to bed! Details on the trip coming up very soon. I want to thank Pete for guest blogging while I was away and I did do the whole walk through knee-high grass and I have a shot of the place too.

(It was on my way from the capital to Dimapur.)

When my aunt gave me a CD of an upcoming naga artist called Alo Wanth, with a big grin on her face I just knew it’s going to be impressive. And trust me, impressive it is.

Honestly I’m not sure if there is anything I would change about this song. Let’s see. It’s over four minutes. It’s distinctive. It changes moods and builds up emotions in you that can only be described as exhilarating. It has Alo Wanth dripping his voice all over for good measure. Really, I mean really, is there anything even slightly substandard about this song? For those of you that care you can go ahead and listen to it. Enjoy.