May 27, 2009

I’ve realized that the only thing that can make me feel better in times of my frustration is to show a bit of love.

Love to all my beautiful friends and blog readers (please comment).

Love to all my wonderful work-mates - never had real love for my work-mates before.

Love for Foosball. *yay!*

Love for those I have lost.

Love for those I still have.

Love for those who I have temporarily misplaced.

It is getting cool outside.

The day began with such promise. I woke up before the alarm and felt rested enough to get out of bed rather than wait to hit the snooze button as usual. I found myself running ahead of schedule through a combination of, a) feeling rested enough to not take an extra five-minute standing nap at the sink, b) picking out today's wardrobe before crashing into bed last night, and d) being at my stop so the driver wouldn’t have to wait.

Then my day started to crash harder than the stock market.

The powers that be had me fooled at first. As soon as I finished my breakfast at work, my stomach started feeling weird. Images of me dying flashed through my head but I managed to work through the pain and the discomfort of it all. And then I thought to myself, "So much for getting a lead on the day." The muscle spasms in my stomach stopped for awhile so I put a little bounce back in my step telling myself that it could only get better from here! Right?

I walk into the pantry to play a little foosball and none of the newbies were crowding the table. Woohoo! A colleague and I are at it for three straight games and we’re having fun. The glass doors open for the longest time then slams back shut while a bunch of those wannabe newbies walk in. All of them grab a bar each and the volume in the room suddenly started to ascend. I look at them with that "You couldn’t leave us for just another minute?" look on my face. But they continue playing, regardless. I walk out of the stuffy room, head to my cubicle and remind myself not to play foosball when the newbies take their scheduled breaks.

I sat back down at my desk, and took a breath. Clearly, the worst was behind me and I could get on with my day. Perhaps I'd make that important call now. Person’s busy. Of course! I've decided to drop all expectations for the rest of the day at work and let the chips fall where they may. Let go, blah blah blah.
And the lesson I've learned today is: Never rush your morning or it'll screw you more than you want it to.

Last day with my team and I don’t know if I’ll get the time to blog or surf on facebook like I used to because the new process is quite a nanny, which is probably just as well 'cause daily break-time blogging scratches that working itch and takes impetus away from giving the job my whole attention.

It’s Bat for Lashes again. Has anyone who reads my blog ever had an opinion about this artist? Do I even care?

If I was ever going to try and make it as a ***star***, I think there are two things I would do. The first is to pull out all the stops and make a really hot track like the one below, and the second is to get someone like Natasha Khan who'd make me look good by association.

That aside, Natasha Khan is friggin hot - distinctive, non-imitative, catchy, weird and cool. Her flow is relaxed, her lyrics are dexterous, and the beats are slick. The sound is soft and smooth and very ‘Aimee Mann’, that’s what my friend says. I kept returning to this track by Bat for Lashes called ‘What’s a girl got to do?’ and it kept growing on me and now it's one of my favourite early morning songs. Go figure.