September 28, 2008

Of Nothing Important...

Friday was a good day. After staying up until 2:00 am cleaning up after the Gothic Nite event, Ash and I finally got some sleep. Once we were finally awake and mobile, however, the day kicked into high gear. We went shopping and then I came back to my own lair.
(Pic: Shreyas at my Gothic Nite)

One of my birthday gifts was the book ‘Girl Alone’. Reading it made me want to drink a bottle of cough syrup. More than usual, I mean.

Oh God. I thought I'd hit rock bottom with blogging, but now I'm using my blog to plug my unexciting life. Someone stop me before I start listing my current list of movies and moods.

I hate to come to this thing without anything to talk about but how my day went. It really turns this into a glorified diary, but considering that's what it is, I'm ready to roll with it.
In other news – my colleague has downloaded the 8 th and 9th episode of Burn Notice. That means that the second season DOESN'T end in a cliffhanger! Finally, the closure I've been looking for. For those who haven’t heard of the serial, check it out here. It’s a pretty good show about a spy who’s trying to find out who burned (fired) him and along the way he helps people. If you're not excited about watching this show, then you, sir or madam, are made of stone.
I am so excited about it that I’m going to consume some of those left-over alcoholic beverages and candy from my Goth night while I watch the episodes.
I’ve been blessed this year in that I’ve had an almost continual stream of new music to hold my interest. At some point, though, I got so backed up in listening to new bands and their new music that some of the less popular ones simply fell through the cracks. At the time I’m writing this I still have over twenty artists in digital format waiting to be heard {yeah, I’m a little backed up}. One band that I seemed to have passed over is ‘10 years’ and there are most likely two reasons for this. The first has already been explained, the second is well, this- when something gets super popular on hype it’s as if my subconscious kicks in and forces me to tune them out.
Fortunately for all of us 10 Years made an album this year titled ‘Division’ that simply cannot be ignored. Their clever brand of alternative metal is intoxicating and mesmerizing. No matter where you first heard this track there is always an emotion that returns each time you hear it again.

Anyway, that's about it cos I’ve got a show to watch! Stay tuned for more updates as we move through the week.

The track below hails from the brilliant album ‘Division’ which was released this year. I’ve been persuaded to post it here. For those of you looking for more of their music, check out their myspace page {link below}. Cheers.