February 24, 2010

At home, is where I am these days, since I’ve taken a week off work. I live in my worn-out PJ’s, carrying my camera with me from room to room. I sleep on a bed of books and scraps of paper with titles of albums and tracks written on them.
My work table is a moving train that I sit on during the day as I travel through space towards people and music.
The seat I’m on is my whole world.

I have layers of thoughts and spanking new ideas. I have skin so thin that you can melt away with a small number of preferred words. My heart beats out music through my blood vessels and I imagine it will one day mix with photography in a beautiful canvas in my favorite colors…

I think of not complicating my life but I fail in heartbeat.

So starts iced tea season. Once again, we have made the impressive leap from a really hot summer last year directly into hottest summer this year with almost no cold of which to speak. Nothing says "You're in for six months of misery, buddy!" quite like B’lore City in 35-degree heat and rising. Good times, indeed.
I’ve never listened to Stereophonics before. I don’t know why but I guess the band’s name just didn’t do it for me. This will teach me to never assume things before I’ve pressed play. The other day, I followed a friend’s recommendation and I haven’t been able to dump this track from my brain since.

I love the jazz ambience in ‘Maybe Tomorrow’. It sets the perfect subdued mood and lets the music float you along like it was meant to.

By for now - see you soon!