January 17, 2009

I’ve had the best time this past week. Amazing food, ass-kicking friends, music and laughing...I couldn't have asked for a better week.
It was filled with irregular days, special friends, even after the going away of my friend, Pratz. It appears that I have now acquired a new set of family and friends that seem so close to me like we’ve always known each other. I'm going to guess that these new relationships have also increased my alcohol intake. In which case, I fully endorse after-work weekday plans and kudos to myself for living it up! The past week has got me going to bed fairly late, primarily due to this amazing company and this has led to absolutely massive hangovers when I wake up each morning. And it was so worth it.
Lesson to be learned here: If you must go drinking then do it with people from Coorg and Nepal. They are excellent and must all be conserved.

As for my creative juices, they're still flowing. They're just flowing at a snail's pace these days. I blame the cold - despite the fact that this hasn’t been the coldest on record in B’lore City. I've had plenty of adventures (see above reference to previous post and massive hangover) but for some reason I've just not had the motivation to put them up here. It’s possible I might’ve ruined too many brain cells or I suppose I've just been way too drunk! I do hope to pick up the pace around here a little bit or maybe take into service a secretary to do the dictation. And of course, by secretary I imply a cute Italian. And by dictation I mean massage my aching back and dish up some great food.

I hope to heavens that my irregular blogging has left an emptiness inside you. So let me give you a few suggestions on how to spend your time in between my joy-giving updates:

1. Help your local clinic. The excitement never ends!

2. Keep your mobile phone switched on at night so that my friends and I can drunk dial you.

3. Take up a great hobby. My current obsession is The Snap Shot game. This is a drinking game so call some friends over and take a shot of alcohol every time someone clicks a photo of you! You’ll need a camera and lots of memory space!

4. Get old seasons of Dexter. Pure genius!

5. Stop by your local pharmacist for some relaxants.

I hope these ideas lend a hand!

After two years of leaving an absolutely fun job to pursue further studies and then getting myself into a great online search marketing company, my old boss from the radio station calls up. And keeps calling for some reason… maybe about a job. It should be really fun to see how this plays out.
If you’ve enjoyed reading this blog, at all, then I reckon at least a part of your heart identifies with mine. And now that I’ve established this as a fact I must tell you, that you should take a break from your hectic life and check out Taylor Hicks’ track below. Yes my friends, it is the Taylor Hicks from the famous American Idol show. He wasn’t my favorite Idol but this song is so good. Do you know his music is categorized under Pop/Soul and modern "whomp"? So while I figure out what ‘whomp’ is… let his lungs do the talking, as his voice soars over a refrain that makes it impossible not to start head nodding and foot tapping.
It becomes apparent that this track is worthy to be heard.

Until next time here’s Taylor Hicks with ‘Heaven Knows’.