July 21, 2008

The time on my computer screen reads 3:00 pm. It's still peaceful at the office where I'm writing this. Guess everybody’s suffering from a bad case of Monday blues. Matt Nathanson’s ‘Wedding Dress’ plays and the day outside is cool from last night’s rain. Washed my face and walked around the cubicle to help wake my muscles up!

I did nothing all weekend except watch a bunch of movies. My parents were quiet as they went about their own duties. My sis and bro-in-law were busy preparing for the upcoming event. I didn’t go for the practices as I wasn’t in the mood but I heard the new lead guitarist is amazing. He apparently played some great little fills here and there and provided an astounding instrumental break for one of the songs. Can’t wait to see this guy everyone’s talking about.

Someone broke into CK’s house and the thought of watching the Dark Knight didn’t enter our minds. Last week I was insanely busy with work. I just hope the work load doesn’t repeat this week. I'm counting down the number of days that’ll end July. I hate July… Perhaps, in August I'll finally be able to read those books that have been lying around in my room for over a couple of months (watching movies be damned, I want my reading time).
Dinner tonight with a bunch of friends from Ohio. I’m not cooking, so I suppose the night should turn out all right. I should start using the straightening iron more often then I’d stop looking like Medusa. My trusty bag has started wearing out, which means, I’ll have to go shopping for another. Maybe I could get the same spacious white leather bag. It's big enough to put all my usual crap in (wallet, phone, keys, notebook, pens, chocolate stash, camera, chargers, miniature toiletries - of which, the hand lotion is all I use; why I keep the rest (assorted papers and receipts) is a mystery.

Daniel Moses. I haven't thought of him in years, but he has been a hard-to-remove memory. He was my dad’s best friend’s son. We had grown quite close when he came down to B’lore. Then came college. He had his friends, his girlfriend and his life. Months passed by with no word from him. Until one day, he asked me over to his place. I didn’t go because I was so angry at him for not keeping in touch. A week later, his body was found. Washed up on the shores of Goa. How my heart hurt every time I thought of his face. ‘I’m sorry I couldn’t make it to the funeral. I felt so guilty. I miss you Dan.’ Gone, but never forgotten.

I shall speak no more. Here’s the music.

“But I need you to know that I care,
And I miss you.”

- ‘I miss you’ by Incubus.