October 18, 2008


Hi, everybody! I’m Eveline, and apparently, this is my blog.

You’ll have to forgive me. I decided on impulse this morning that I was going to skip out on having any tea today–marking the first time I’ve done that in… well, let’s just round it off to twenty years–and I’ve been in something of a stupor all day. In actual fact, to be truthful, the past few days are all sort of a blur at this point.

But anyway, it seems I’ve got this website, and I vaguely remember something about updating it daily, so I better get to it.

Fortunately, in my laptop, there were a couple of tracks recommended by some of my readers… In a folder named (I’m assuming I typed it) “FINE-FOR-BLOG”, so I guess that’s what I’ll be posting about today.

Looking around my room, I see that I’ve got stacks–stacks!–of crap lying around, and I’m starting to get the feeling that I never finished college! Clearly, a change of lifestyle is in order. But we’ll get to that some other day.

All right, folks, let’s get to it! After all, every minute I spend writing a snappy intro is a minute I’m not playing music. And if I don’t have my music then… then do we really know what to expect from anything? Will the sun rise tomorrow? Do I even know who I am anymore?! Up is down and black is white, people! Cats and dogs! Sleeping together! Mass madness!

So it’s best to just dive right in. Ah, that’s better. And my faith has been restored in the order of the Universe.

I’ve got a couple of tracks/ bands recommended by some of my readers and – People I’ve listened to all your stuff but there are just a few tracks I have in mp3 format right now and these I shall play.

Kings of Leon: Once in awhile there comes a song that I can listen to on repeat for an hour straight. These songs are few and far between. One such song I found a couple of months ago was ‘On Call’. After fellow blogger Epiphany told me to listen to another track (I’m afraid I forgot which one), I decided to get myself their album ‘Only by the Night’. The track ‘I want you’ is what I’ve chosen off this album.

The Scavenger Project: The kids of this band are awesome. They also span quite an impressive range of heights. A reader here on EC (whose blog I adore) had mentioned the band in my comments section and I liked them. So here they are gracing the web with this track titled ‘Signs’.

Tom Cochrane: This is my pick of the day. If you’ve been hanging around here long enough you probably realize that I’m into music like this. Hopefully that’ll make my support of Tom Cochrane’s music even more meaningful. Twenty years from now, when your children are just starting to listen to your lame old music and when they stumble upon ‘Life is a Highway’ they will listen to over and over again.

And on that note of excitement, that’s the week! As always, questions and statements on anything I wrote over this week can be left in the comments section below.
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