December 18, 2008

And so the countdown begins. Seven more days for Christmas....

We tend to forget the real meaning of Christmas in the hustle and bustle. So join with me in taking a moment out, from making party plans, running from store to store searching for the right gifts and putting up decorations, to ponder on the significance of this festival. And a question like this–like most questions I ask–can be ably answered with the help of visual aids.

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Current State of Affairs
It probably goes without saying, but given that I try to update this page almost every day, I rarely have any idea what I’m going to be writing about until I actually sit down to do it. Tonight, though, things are a little different.
Yes, with Christmas finally upon us soon and the magic of the season in full swing and…since this is my first Christmas here on EC, it’s probably quite apparent to you that I’ve got something of a soft spot for this festival. In fact, I’ve been actually going out of my way to make the next few days as special and Christmassy for my friends and family; which is why I’ve gotten custom-made Christmas hats for my crew. And it’s in the festive spirit that tonight; I’m throwing the spotlight onto what is, without question, my favorite Christmas track of all time. It’s sung by a boy band but it’s the best damn version of ‘O Holy Night’ I’ve ever heard.
Ok, before you listen to this song be warned that is brilliant. Yes it is brilliant and it’s as easy to listen to as it is captivating, but once you start the track you’ll be amazed at how quickly a quarter of an hour slips away. The track has been recorded in a live setting, and its decent quality, but what I find more fascinating is that the band does it in an appropriate straight up a-capella sort of way. Kudos. Another reason for you to click the player below is because I like the song, so just listen to it and agree with me.
If it’s not brilliant enough endorsement for this track I’m willing to bet you hate everything I love.
This track sits undeniably upon the top of the heaps of Christmas music available today and is a must-have for any true Christmas collection. Here it is my friends, enjoy.