January 02, 2009

Recounting The First Day of The Year and A Singer You Must Listen to:

It’s 2009. And my head hurts a little from lack of sleep and alcohol overload. The 1st was spent with my bro-in-law’s sis- Naro, her husband – Achen and his cousin Tao. I took them out to a fancy little place on Dickenson road last night. We made comical conversations by the light of a candle placed in a beautiful red jar. I tried to get everyone at the table drunk, but ended up getting myself heavily intoxicated and that piece of news my friends know, is not hard to do.

So, at work today it was-

type more. type FASTER. no TYPE SLOWER but BETTER. Which market did that advertiser belong to? Crap crap CRAP!!!

And this isn't really a precise illustration of the bustle up there, I mean in my brain. What I write here is excessively rational to be true. If you must know, my head feels like some waterlogged mess.

Babe, aren’t you leaving?

Huh? Why… it’s only….. What?!?!? It’s the end of day?? Oh no! GET UP AND LEAVE! Ouch! Head hurts! Get up and leave, SLOWLY!

I know y’all are probably going to think that I'm completely losing it now so I’ll end this soon.

The music for today is…. is….

(Searches through playlist)

Ah! This singer comes from my crew!
He’s the latest edition to our posse. Chris Das, is the name. And he has recently created a website (launched officially an hour ago) to showcase his music. This is for certain, Chris has great music style, the guitar and the acoustic sets is tops, and I can say in all honesty that I genuinely liked listening to his songs. That being said Chris has put up three excellent original tracks.

Track 1: Breathing Memories

Track 2: Your Losing Me

Track 3: Before This Night

I’m thoroughly convinced that I have a crush on the song ‘Your Losing Me’, due to the fact that it sounds exactly like something I would want to hear on a beautiful night… better live.
What really struck me in these songs are the brilliant lyrics. Honestly, after listening to these three tracks you can be assured that this is what lyrics, written by a truly independent musician, are supposed to sound like. I do apologize that today I will not be uploading a track but I implore all of you who read this blog or this post to click on the link below and find your perfect moment.

Check out the website here (and make sure you have the sound turned up).