July 12, 2008

I Heart Music

I’m inspired by a lot of modern artists and those that have come before me. My favorite genre apart from modern alternative rock is the rock/pop of the 80’s time period when Prince, The Police, Billy Idol, Tears for Fears & Bonnie Tyler were performing their biggest hits. The sound is so influential and amazing to me that there’s no way I could shy away from it. It’s in your face and it’s timeless.

Our little church has waited till it was cool enough to host an extravagant worship event in a month or so. They’re in the middle of getting the installation, performance and visual aspects of the concert ready. Musicians and singers are being called and practices are underway. Watch this space for more information on the upcoming show that is set to take over the neighborhood.

Built in the same villa as ‘Orange Peel’ is a couture store called ‘Sanctuary’. I laid my eyes on a very indie- looking Pepe top with an iconic vintage logo. Limited to only a few pieces produced, this vintage logo tee emblazoned with unabashedly cheerful colors, will surely be a rare delicacy among the boutique circuit.

Do you have a place you go to where you can totally zone out? I do. It’s my bedroom. Every time I sit with my family in the living room it’s like I’m sitting with people I don’t really know. Like they’re from different countries packed into a bus for a day. Very eerie. I get into my room and it’s the same feeling you get when you see a full moon rising over a fog covered city. Very cool. Very trippy.

Work has started flowing in. All this time we’ve been working on the US market so there hasn’t been a lot to do. Yesterday, we got the European market under our wings and boy, are we swamped with work.

Went out with the crew last night to see ‘Hancock’. Hmm… expected so much more. But it wasn’t so bad. Atleast I had the caramel popcorn.

There wouldn’t be the saying “there’s life after *blah*” if there wasn’t life after it. I just feel like I’m stuck some place I don’t want to be in. How do I ever get past it? Someone hand me the happy pill, puhleez!

I’m having a hard time continuing this post because my little niece Abigail wants my attention or she threatens to throw my laptop off the desk. Here’s Damn Yankees with ‘High Enough’. To Dilli. Happy B’day.