May 04, 2009

‘….I’m sitting at work and in front of my cubicle is a conference room that has a big white sign on it that says, ‘All meetings cancelled’. It can only mean one thing, the layoffs are today, and this time our floor’s been “affected”.

It’s odd and funny that some of the people being called into the rooms had just moved into our new building a couple of weeks ago. Guess, they won’t need to worry about waiting in the endless queue for lunch anymore.

I can’t concentrate on my work because this is all, happening in front of my eyes. I'm waiting for who will be called next….C’mon, c’mon! Can we get this over with? Ugh! This is so going to affect my productivity. This is a serious downer. Have to try and analyze rows of data and I cant get my head in the right place.

Someone’s being called into the scary room. Man, that guy used to sit right next to me. He comes out after three hours. He doesn’t walk around to say good bye to his colleagues. Who would? He doesn’t even get to touch his desk to clear it out. He takes his last walk through the hallways. Everyone gathers for whispered conversations. People are afraid to ask who’s gone and who’s going to be next. The dark’s gone in a few minutes. My colleagues call me out for lunch. None of us can eat. No appetite. I’m wondering if I’ve copied all my personal stuff. Yay for pen drives!
When we get back his desk is empty. They’ve taken possession of his computer.’

The event had left me quite shaken! DAMMIT, I need to get out of here! I think I’ve just had it in my head that I have to make it work, because I’m just the kind of person that’s really dedicated and committed to making shit work. Now when I think back on that, it’s so obvious that my inner self was trying to clue me in, but I was totally oblivious at the time. And then I’d wake up and roll over and be like, “Oh, I had the funniest dream!” and tell you about it. Jesus. This lay-off thing was another thing that made me realize that I’ve got no reason to stick around.
It’s safe to say that I’ve gained a few pounds, as I continue eating even after full. The weight is mostly in my face (good) and midsection (bad). Yes, my cheeks have filled out, but now I have a muffin top.
We hit up Tangerine on 100 ft road, Indiranagar, on Saturday for Runa’s birthday- luncheon. Great Continental food. Included on the menu are some great non-alcoholic mock tails. Very yummy.
Spending time with them people I love gets me some of that inner happiness I need.
It’s certainly a bittersweet existence here. Being with friends fills me with wonder, but with Ruan not in town to enjoy this with us, breaks my heart.
The weather today is gorgeous and some gorgeous tunes from The Raconteurs’ second album called ‘Consolers of the Lonely’ are a perfect match for low humidity, sunshine, and even temperatures. This band creates indie sounding rock music that rings out a little too addictive; music that moves along nicely from track to track and is as fun as it is well crafted. I first listened to these boys last year when I had stumbled upon their brilliant single ‘Steady as she goes’. After that, I came across the song ‘Consoler of the lonely’ on the radio, then listened to their entire album and I just had to put this track up (gotta spread the love). The album is really solid, laid back and is hitting shelves soon. Keep your ears open.