December 08, 2008

It’s a phase I’m going through now.

I seriously think I’m done with it... up the search for love.

Of course, not the blog; that I shall keep despite the fact that I do have plans for ‘redebuting’ under a new name at some point in the future.

What's sending my thoughts in this direction is the fact that my failure to spark it with the guy I liked, pre-trip. We saw each other a total of fourty four times (unlikely; maybe more but I just like the number 44) before I discovered he was already taken. And this fellow seemed so perfect in so many ways. A top.

I don't know if it's the universe that doesn't want me to be dating somebody right now; Except that the idea of the cosmos as an attentive being that is actually concerned about what happens to me makes me want to gag. Whatever it is, I'm making a resolution at this time and this instant- I'm not going to search for love any longer. If it finds me, grand! If not, then I'll . . . I'll . . .

Well, I'll just . . . um . . .hmmm...mmmm...

This may be trickier than I anticipated.

Let's move on to the images below that are of recent happenings in Nagaland.

There are more pictures that will be put up at a later date. Right now I'm kind of in awe, a little bit, of this band:

At first color The Wreckers sound like everything you’ve ever loved in a folk pop band. On the second time around you realize that the quality of music they’ve created has forever raised the bar on just what a dynamic duo can produce. Originally I thought their sound was going to be amateur-pop like, but after a quick listen I was immediately in love with their music. There’s something here intangible that keeps me listening to them time after time. A good staying power.

For those that are still unaware what EC is all about here’s a quick refresher. I collect songs and upload the best that I’ve heard in the past thirty days onto this blog. Feel free to go through the archives if you’d like to browse through various artists and events of my life. Enjoy the music, and if you live in beautiful Bangalore then enjoy the glorious weather. Eid Mubarak!