February 18, 2009

Do you guys ever dream of being with someone in real life, someone you don’t really know, and then the next time you see them, you’re furtively thinking, Oh Man! You’d think people around me would notice if I blushed?

Well, my person like this is Adam Levine.

A couple of years ago, I had a dream where Adam Levine and I were both at this airport terminal, and he started flirting with me while we were waiting for our flights. At first I was like Oh my god! This is Adam Levine! He’d want nothing to do with me! But by the time we had to board the flight, he had charmed me so completely that he and I were practically engaged. And now every time I see Adam Levine on screen, I just have to smile, because he was so charming in that airport terminal, I couldn’t wait to introduce him to my mom. :-P

Plus, you know he’d know how to treat a girl in the sack. Is all I’m saying.

As a way of getting more exposure to more music gigs, I went to see the ‘METRO’ concert I wrote about earlier.

It was a wonderful concert in an intimate setting. The collection that the band chose to play was quite varied — from their absolutely melodic Rio Frio to the beautifully slow ‘The Standard’ to a tuneful Sandeep Chowta composition —all songs performed as brilliant as jazz interpretations can be. One of the highlights of the night was the band playing the song that drove me to their concert – Rio Frio. It was delicious to watch how enraptured the audience was and when Dave Weckl and Eric Marienthal lost themselves in the music and kept going on this great flurry of notes. Their parts were some kind of awesome that I can’t even begin to describe the emotions I went through.

Just thinking about it is making my stomach flutter.

At first I thought that the crowd was mostly made up of the same “type” of people, but now thinking about it I’ve never been to a show that was more diverse. Lots of differently aged people; there were people from my age to twice my age. It was odd to see a lot of guys old enough to be my father at the same concert as me.

Usually the sound and crowds of concerts make me especially awkward but with great company and even better music I feel over-stimulated.
Unfortunately, not many people I knew came for the event, and I wouldn’t force someone to listen to music they didn’t enjoy. But it was really good to see my friends faces light up as they sat through the show. The concert was quite amazing. The set lasted just over two hours and a half. Unfortunately, I forgot to get my digicam so that ruined the ultimately great shots I would’ve gotten.

I had to get the band’s album at the venue titled ‘METRO Express’. I’m still exploring the tracks, approaching each song with an open mind, but never analyzing too much.
It can be easily observed that the tracks introduce a unique and exceptional jazz style of this band. They achieve what is esthetic and intelligent. Ever since I’ve spent a great deal of time listening to music, I’ve been less enthusiastic by the fact that songs would never sound as good, until I heard these guys.

METRO has renewed my hope. Saved my life.

It goes beyond everything else to a completely spiritual experience, from stage presence to the notes and the key signatures. They have reached out with music that is unforgettable, moving and emotional.

Two guys stole the show that night.....
Eric Marienthal.
Below is one of the tracks they played on Feb 14 and my favorite! Get their music if you can. Their compositions speak to me, lifting, moving, and never crashing. Blissful listening!