July 30, 2009

You Give Me Fever

In the days leading up to my eventual contracting of the most terrible Flu I’ve ever had and it was hard to know what to believe; One camp was saying, "Watch out!" and the other camp was saying, "But it's just a cold." In fact, even in my own household, the four of us each displayed dissimilar symptoms, and if it wasn't for the fact that we all had it at pretty much the same time, I would have said we all had different illnesses.
So which camp was right? Well, in some sense, both camps are probably correct. The illness was just the flu, but boy did it hit me with a vengeance.

Now, keep in mind that I don't get sick all that often. Well, before joining the company and being away from central air-conditioning I used to be stricken with anything substantial once every couple of years. This time around, though, I felt as though I had been surfing and got wiped out by the "big kahuna" (whatever that is).

My fever lasted six days, mostly hovering around normal temperature but peaking one morning. That particular morning was wretched. I swapped between freezing and sweating profusely. Headache, body aches, and all that yucky stuff went together with it. Aside from the fever, the worst part of the flu, for me, was feeling so weak that I could barely walk out of my room and back and the cough! In fact, I'm still coughing, and this is after spending my entire 4 day vacation initially coming down with it. So basically this meant that I had to stay home, confined to my bed. My friends whose parties I had to attend weren't thrilled about that. I did try writing something, but frankly, I've been feeling so anemic and sluggish that it was hard to concentrate on anything.

I've been good ... I've gotten sleep, I haven't yielded to the temptations of doing stuff that needs me to get out and have fun, and I'm trying to get past this thing. I don't know how much of it's because I'm older (funny how that works) ... I suppose as one gets ages, it takes longer to recuperate from these things. I don't know.
Yes, it's the flu and it feels like the flu, but it's never taken me this long to bounce back before.
Anyway, that's it! There are tons and tons of articles on ways to protect yourself from the flu. Obvious stupid safety measures that any simple minded moron already knew. Wash your hands, stay away from the sick folk, don't pick your snout... take a bath. You know the same typical bullshit any person looking to worry you would say on a blog.
‘Rock & Roll’ is the creative outlet of singer Eric Hutchinson, a hugely prolific artist from Washington D.C and the track you’re going to be listening to today was an immediate favorite of mine. The guitar playing provides a perfect backdrop for the song’s sugar-coated melodies and good-time nostalgic lyrics. The track is reminiscent to the sunny folk-pop but it’s anything other than a simple pop song about fun or rock and roll but instead revels in the superficiality of it all; "cheap romance", the humor of 'love', and the idea of two complete strangers, both pretending to be people they're not, living up what amounts to be empty 'rock and roll' weekend facades. I definitely find there is a level of depth to this catchy tune and it all comes together to prove an irresistible piece of indie pop. I can only expect great things from this guy. I mean, really? Where shall I start? From the hand-claps to the catchy vocals that make me forget I don’t know how to dance. It’s fresh, youthful, and so in the “now.” The track never loses your interest, with its delightful, forward-looking rhythm, a ridiculously catchy chorus and a stomping finish. This artist is undoubtedly an act to follow this year. Although there is no word on any recent albums of his, I feel it is only wise for artists with such an addictive sound to release their work a-song-at-a-time. I mean, really, it’s just better that way.

July 27, 2009

I spent Friday morning at home and then went to meet Natasha, a friend I would be seeing after 15 long years (thanks to Facebook, we found each other again). Its weird meeting someone that shared your snacks, played in the mud with you and held your hand during parent-teacher meetings. I always feel strange facing people from my past, because while I love recollecting and reliving those memories, I know I won’t ever live there again, and while I love meeting old friends, I know that they are so different now. I don’t really know where my current friends will be a couple of years from now, and sometimes that makes me feel anxious.
However, my meeting was anything but anxious. We did nothing but talk about old times and our lives now. I even got to revisit that favorite feeling from my childhood, the one where we’d bunk classes just to go eat some of those black and white peppermint candies, kick the mud and get our white shirts dirty, sleep with happy tiredness and exhaustion, then wake up in the morning, listen to our parents shouting at us for being horrible little imps, and then get our shirts mud-stained again.
The story might seem really lame, but lame is sort of a doubtful point when you’re talking about what makes you all emotional. And it wasn’t that I got emotional because the little friends I befriended back then were so cute and true and modest, but seeing them in the flesh it got to me. That’s right: I teared up after hugging Nat and watching her ride away. Recollecting misty water colored memories, don’t make me cry? No. Just coming face to face with them, apparently.

Alright, you’re just here for the music so let’s get to it. This one’s a blast from the past. Before you listen to it be warned that this baby is a one-hit wonder from 1997 by White Town aka Jyoti Prakash Mishra. It’s worth it, but plan accordingly. And a bit of snooping around led me to his blog named ‘Bzangy Groink’.

The track ‘Your Woman’ reminds me a lot of early 90’s pop smashed up against standard Ace of Base. Interested?
Anyway, if we were playing “one of these things is not like the others” this would be the track you should choose. Where the rest of this month is filled with typical folk/alternative styles, this track is as smooth and fluid as we all thought Prince and Gloria Estefan used to be. I could have kept this information to myself and only listened to it with headphones on, pretending all along I was nodding my head to new tracks by some awesome rock band, but at some point the lies would have caught up with me. And a liar is just not the type of blogger that I want to be. Good week, blogosphere!

July 22, 2009

Aaaand… Breathe Out.

Call off the bloodhounds...I survived office today.

Sort of.

Phew. It's been quite a day. The situation requires that I can't really talk openly about it. For the time being.

I should be feeling a little relieved since I returned home, but I'm kinda just stressed out and beat. So much so that I didn't even notice when I accidentally picked up a crazy brand of juice instead of a regular Coke. Which tastes oddly similar to wine.

Or maybe that's just wishful thinking.

Between trying to get some sleep nowadays, the long hours at work, spending time with my nephew and niece, and all the many birthday parties I’ve been trying to attend (from which I emerged relatively sober - surprise, surprise), I'm just plain worn out.
I'll be back to my usual perky self in a few days. I just need some down time.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, thanks a million times over to my friends, a few colleagues and readers for being supportive, caring, thoughtful and helping me maintain my sanity levels everyday during the past week. Thank you.
Having exhausted most of my pre-lunch mental energy on making sure I finish my work, I don't have a heck of a lot to say just yet today. Seems like everything is in working order, comment system included. And it's not just there for decoration, people.
Please leave a comment on this post, even you lurkers out there! Just say hey, so I can get a sense of who is out there. Or let me know how you came upon this unpretentious little site. Or give me a good artist suggestion! Or tell me if there's anything in particular you've been dying to know about me or would like me to share.

Once again, thanks for swinging into EC. I hope you keep coming back!

No matter how busy my life might get I always find a way to listen to music. Some days I find myself drifting along to whatever ‘100hitz.com’ has to offer, other days I browse random websites, myspace pages, and other forms of online media like Youtube/ Lastfm, and on a few days each month I dive into the old albums and songs that I’ve always loved. I love music and I love to hear random tracks, brilliant live covers, and new music from artists that I genuinely appreciate.

So it's with great pleasure that I can announce that I watched Transformers – Rise of the Fallen, the other day with fellow blogger Pete and Ruan and it's a well-made, well-written, well-acted movie with good characters, good scenes, a clever structure, solid, unpredictable, and plenty of both the serious and humorous varieties. There's the inevitable shout “Yeaaaa!” every time Optimus Prime kicked ass… (Which might I add was highly sensational). Overall this was pretty good for a movie. I was entertained. It's action-centered and fun, and that's all it needs to be.

Which leads me, naturally, to Megan Fox! And where it intersects with her being a worldwide male fantasy! Which will be what my next post's about.

Promise. :D

And, yes, this still is a music blog so the song on today’s post is from the Transformers’ soundtrack. If you haven’t seen it yet you better either live across the pond, be under the age of 10 {in which case it’s obvious your folks or friends don’t care about you, I mean you are reading this blog, so go watch Transformers, it can’t hurt}, or be on your way to the closest DVD store to fix this mistake in your life.

Cavo with ‘Let it go’

July 17, 2009

Bad week, plus I got Depression

It’s hard not to be a little over-sentimental when you’re spinning in the tunnel of depression. I hate that feeling, aware that it’s hanging nearby. There are times when something in life sets it off and recently I’ve been spending a lot of my time consumed with anger and hatred, which directs to pitying myself, which goes right back to the anger, because why do I have to let it get to me? The stoic in me hates this bullshit, but here it comes.

I have had a problem with letting people I hardly know get into my head and mess me up. Sometimes it’s been bad. Other times it’s been really bad. When I’m in this phase I hate myself to the point that it weakens me. It makes me take it out on the good people in my life at first, and then when it gets bad; it makes me want to lock myself in my room all day. I start to daydream about that ideal world where people are happy with their jobs and at the end of a challenging day, discuss their great life over drinks. I remember thinking once, during a bad spell that I would be okay if I could just curl in bed and not move, for maybe a week.

I’m not exactly sure why I’m writing about this here, maybe because it’s not a big deal; it’s sort of just part of my life. Plus, I feel like its part of why I haven’t been writing lately and it’s easier just to write about that then to try and come up with a post. I guess I owe you some cheap humour folks, because this blabbering is probably freaking some of you out a little.

Anyway, I’m not anywhere near depression or anything yet. Maybe it’ll skip my house this year. If it does show up, I’ll bite down on my tree bark and wait it out. I am okay.
If y’all guys get a chance, then get your hands on this show called ‘The L Word’. It’s a show that I’ve been watching lately, about the lives of seven lesbians and their lovers in West Hollywood. I’ve become a huge fan of the show ever since I watched the entire first season over the weekend. And, I'm a straight woman. It’s radical, not only in relation to the gay community, but for the general populace too. In a time when some are still struggling for equality, this show has created a fictional place to run to, a space where anybody and everybody is accepted.

I have also still been listening to Soulmate’s music alot lately and my previous post about them got noticed. I kept on bragging about their music to all my friends, and gifting their albums from cd baby for friends on their birthdays. Tipriti, the vocalist, meanwhile returned to Shillong, and resumed playing her shows (which I’ve heard from some friends, whom have had the pleasure of seeing them live, is quite brilliant).
Emails have been exchanged, facebook friendship was born, and through it all I’ve felt like in some way I’ve been let into her world. And to be honest I feel lucky to have been included along the way. To everyone who hasn’t heard of Soulmate before, I urge you to explore their music. And to Tripriti, I must say that I am glad you’re making amazing music and I feel honored to be able to spread your talent around.

This is easily one of the grittiest tracks I’ve heard in a long time. And I think we might all need that once in a while. The track is entitled ‘Stay Away’ and it is, simply out of this world. Literally. To be honest I expect nothing less from this phenomenal vocalist.

Enjoy the track and have a good week.

July 10, 2009


It has come to my attention that there are folks who have not seen The Hangover.

If you are one of these people, please, please do your part to rectify the situation.

You won't regret it.

Falling ill and feeling awful and thinking there's no flu in your office and then finding out that there actually is: it's not quite heaven.

But almost.

There’s been a flu attack at the office. I wish our company would let us know of things like this because it just affects the whole office and ruins productivity and not to mention, a good foosball game.

I’m not actually very sick yet. I mean, I do feel like hell, but it's just a three-day-virus that's going around at work. This means that it’s time for me to turn into a giant, whining baby. I have also decided, in the apparently common manner of a daughter of medical specialists, that what I have is in fact not a three-day-virus but the dreaded swine flu.

Until I find out for sure I’d appreciate any sympathy you can direct my way.

Mention the name ‘Soulmate’, and most North-easterns will know what you’re talking about. Understandably, one of the best songs, for me, off the album ‘Moving on’ is ‘Set me free’. The vocalist’s soulful voice leaves the listener quite exhausted but exhilarated after 5 minutes.

It is a deceptively gritty bluesy track, with great interplay of vocals and the electric guitar. Tipriti ‘Tips’ Kharbangar takes the lead vocal on this song, and does so with such confidence. It’s just so brilliant and absolutely lush. The track below will show the pure awesomeness of this band to anyone who has ears. The band is a wonderful wake and it would be a strong case to claim them as my most recent source of inspiration. A number one, and deservedly so. A worthy closer for one of the best albums of the century so far. Awesome weekend y’all!

July 08, 2009

Happy 26!

While we're on a roll celebrating the joy of life, tomorrow is my friend Ruan’s 26th birthday. Ru is officially one of my closest friends, because she’s the person I see everyday at work, spend every free and fun moment with, we’re practically neighbors, we know the same people and are still currently BFF. Ruan once told me that she loved me even though she could barely walk and was having the worst possible day. This is only one of the many things to love about Ruan. She moved to my area after we passed out of college, which is great for me, in terms of friend locale and convenience. She sort of is like a Superfriend, but with more cuteness and craziness. She claims she's celebrating her day in low-key style at home with close friends and family but I suspect that's just a cover story. No doubt she's celebrating her birthday in family's traditional manner: at a sleazy joint, burning through a wad of singles, taking home some great gifts and waking up with a hangover. Happy Birthday Ru… Ray LaMontagne for you…

A real update before week's out, I promise. Until then, replaying this over and over again should keep you guys busy. Peace out!

July 06, 2009

MJ Tribute Night

Not long ago, B’lore’s most famous singers announced that they would be performing a couple of Michael Jackson tracks as a tribute. That was a bit awesome for those of us who could pay our respects to this amazing singer and have a good time. I was lucky enough to snag some tickets to the show, and after days of waiting, actually go for it last night. It was all I could have wanted, a strong show to say the least-- and the set list was perfect.

In a very smart move, the group performed on Sunday evening and today at Kyra. It was a couple of hours long, covering a respectable mix of songs from ‘Thriller’ to ‘HIStory’, while hitting some of their fans' favorites. Mark Lazaro did an especially nice job on the track - "Man in the Mirror," taking it down a few notches tempo-wise while the crowd sang along. "You are not alone" loses a bit of kick but it’s forgivable.

There was a four-piece band: Willy on drums, Gaurav Vaz and Tony Das on the guitars and Karan on the keyboard. The lead vocalist changed with songs and the band was very smooth and flexible. The drummer and lead guitarist in particular were superb, bringing a wild tinge to everything.
While it's not the same as being at an MJ concert, the band sure wasn’t a bad alternative. Being able to hear the crowd cheer and sing, and the musicians interact with audience-- that kind of interactivity adds another dimension to a show.

Overall a superb night. Definitely singers to watch out for if they decide to go on tour. Hopefully B’lore will get to hear heaps more of the music. The night really captured the excitement of a great live show, which seems to be tough to see nowadays. Praise to the genius who thought up with this event - let's hope we see more live stuff, huh?

It’s always nice to hear songs by popular artists covered by talented individuals. One of the songs sung at the tribute was ‘Dirty Diana’. It’s another personal favourite of mine because it features Slash on it. What’s not to like about the track?

That’s all for the weekend’s roundup. Come back soon. Enjoy the music and the week!

July 01, 2009

I care too much about famous people these days. I hate that I am obsessed with Jennifer Aniston’s love life. It makes me sick that I can't take my eyes off Bradley Cooper’s polished midsection. Will John Mayer ever find true love? And I've spent a ridiculous amount of time talking about it with my similarly stunted friends. How did this actress lose all that weight? She aint no gym rat. It's difficult to know. When did anorexia become contagious, and how can I catch a little of what Paris and Lindsey have? I recently cried aloud about spending several bucks a month on my entertainment intake, money that really should go to a starving kid in Africa.
But MJ- friggin breaks my heart! I hate myself a little, too, for my undying interest in the lives of mostly dented people I know nothing about, and people with whom I would never want to be friends with in actual life. But I am full of sadness for Michael Jackson. Every time I hear his gorgeous music — which was the soundtrack to my own tacky childhood — I remember how much delight it gave me. Now, every track sounds like a funeral song, and instead of dancing, I almost feel like crying.
Anyways, moving onto other news, you absolutely must see Bradley Cooper’s latest film which is an exercise in ear-splitting, mind-numbing comedy. And be sure your date is someone you feel comfortable cackling with. Maybe ‘The Hangover’ will provide the conclusive evidence that we’ve been all waiting for – American comedy aint dead!
If you love Michael Jackson’s music (as I do) this tribute concert at Kyra on the 5th of July, should delight you. Christ, I hope I can get a ticket. I've never looked forward to a concert nearly as much. Think I'm gonna rant now. Kudos to Tony for turning me onto this one. The plan is a couple of guys are going to be performing some popular Jackson tunes, but it won't be quite that strict. Show starts at 8pm. Call the venue for tickets. It'd be cool to see you there. Big ups to the guys who came up with the idea.
This week has been a cracker for me, and part of that is because I discovered a whole bunch of new music that I thoroughly enjoyed. I think one reason I get through life is because I have music. Chris Cornell released a surprisingly mainstream-sounding rock song called ‘Scream’, which was quite listenable (even with that R&B beat). To be sure, this song is best listened to at a very loud volume and I imagine it translates very well to a live set. Literally no other artist is producing at such consistently high a level. If there was one artist on this years list that everyone should immediately start listening to I would recommend Chris Cornell.