July 17, 2008

I seem to have a weird relationship with our local radio station ‘Radio Indigo- 91.9 FM’. There are times when I absolutely love it. Then there are times when I abso*fuckin*lutely despise it. I am a critical insider hence I can afford to offer my criticism. I’m glad that Bangalore has an English radio station but I’m extremely critical of the music that’s being played on air especially since there’s very little of it that truly strikes me as good. Nevertheless, I just can’t stop listening to the station for fear of losing touch with music that’s being released. So I put up with listening to the corny ads, Barker’s use of ‘wicked’ in every alternative sentence and 50 Cents’ music that drives me up the wall.

When did New Kids on the Block come and go? I thought they were ready to shake pop history? Guess they just fell into the category: Nothing Spectacular.

Before anyone out there goes, ‘you mentioned earlier that you love your job!’ Hold up a second. I mean ‘the job’ as in that energy-sucking, mood-crushing, pressurizing, corporate hulk. It drives me out of mind when I get cornered by my boss who’s not even in this country. Admittedly, at one time he really managed to shake off that image in my mind and I really enjoyed coming to work with a mission to do my best. Now it just seems like putting up with consistent assaults on my work. Honestly, it really kills work for someone like me who gets absorbed in her job. I’ve been particularly bothered the last couple of days because I was forced into thinking that I might’ve screwed up. Good grief! I need tea!

I’m frequently oblivious to the fact that not everyone likes the same music I do. Then I mess it up further by asking them- ‘Why? But why? Why? Why not? Why?’ It perplexes me all the more when the other person has no idea or doesn’t really appreciate some song or artist or genre when it is completely beyond me that one could actually exist without it.

Any thoughts, people? Comment, comment, comment away….

Here’s the man whose music speaks to people. I first heard him on the show ‘One Tree Hill’ and his music fit in so well with the tormented characters of the serial. It took me a couple of years to get to his music but now that I have it’s going to take me some time to get over him. Here’s a shout-out to my man- Matt Nathanson!