July 26, 2008

I meant to post this yesterday but I was caught up with so many calls. The post was supposed to start something like this-‘Today was boring. Nothing new. Boring….’ (well, you kinda get where I’m going with this.) But yesterday wasn’t just one of those typical days at work. The day had begun with pregnant clouds and the dark sky pressing hard on the city and it had ended very cruelly.
Restlessness and tension built in the air. Something felt wrong. I could see it on the face of my colleagues. They tried to be really subtle about it but it didn’t work. Ck came out of the training room and his face looked rather ghostly. The next thing I heard out of my colleague’s mouth was, ‘there’s been a bomb blast!’ (Get outta here! In Bangalore?) And the news covered it all, 8 bomb blasts. A blast had occurred close to our office and we were told to leave as soon as possible. I had called friends and family incase the phone line got jammed later on. Everyone I knew was ok. During my wait for calls to connect I thought of how this had shaken our little life in paradise. It was chaos on the road and the commute back home was hell. It seemed like the traffic was far deadlier than any bomb.

Meeting my best friend tonight who was in the same area the blast occurred. He saw the whole thing. The city is getting back to normal and everybody is trying to forget yesterday as a bad dream and I wish none of us would experience any such thing ever again.

Hoping the smoke clears. Till then stay cool.

This just reminds me how fragile life is. ‘Breakable’ by Ingrid Michaelson: