July 22, 2008

It seems ages ago when I was in college. I was looking at some of the photos I took back then and I wish time was always on my side so that I could return to the days that I loved best.

Last night wasn’t the most fun, but it was a lasting experience. My house was, after a long time, finally alive with the loud laughter of people relaxing and trays of food whizzing past me. John, Jim, Bryan, Adam and me did a lot of talking and we stuffed ourselves (okay, I did the stuffing) with some homemade biryani. We were a little lost when we heard John sing Elvis’ ‘Love Me Tender’ (he’s the best Elvis impersonator I know.). That was one of the last lovely moments I had before they left for their hotel. Bryan and Adam, were equally interesting to get to know. Both of them studying, with a great love of life, art and the small pleasures that each day affords. Adam goes back to the US in a week or so to get married. He’s so young but is so sure of what he wants and he's smitten. He's smitten, I'm envious.

I feel I ought to be mentioning some of the movies I've seen recently:

- Papillion (Took a lot of breaks during the movie. It was more than I could stomach.)

- Employee of the Month (how could anyone not watch this. hehe.)

- License to Wed (not so good. Sorry, Robbie.)

- Volver (It was all right. Expected so much more.)

I came upon a San Diego band called ‘My American Heart’, quite unexpectedly. ‘The Shake (Awful Feeling)’is one hell of a song. If anything, the album should be obtained just for that one track. They’re practically unheard of, but that's where I come in, ready to unearth a few favorite goodies for the sake of the greater good.

To Bryan, Adam, John n Jim: