August 03, 2009

This Just In - 'Soulmate' is in B'lore

The weekend is over already? How on earth did that happen? Oh, I know. I was crazy busy! Although I tell people how much alone time I’d usually like to have to enjoy my peace and quiet, things actually haven't been that way over the weekend. It's been a busy schedule, albeit an enjoyable one. So just what have I been up to? I was busy doing glamorous star turns around town and being the delightfully charming and socially in-demand person you know me to be. Well, almost. For starters, I met up with some friends at a local pub, drank lots of beer, and spoke about tons of things that I can’t really recall. But, fret not, all you really need to know is:

That my jaw was sore from laughing.
My belly full from eating meat.
My liver saturated from drinking.

And these are the four biggest things I've learned since Saturday morning:

1. It's a small world. Really, really small.
2. You, too, can find something funny to talk about with someone you have nothing in common with, with just five easy mugs of beer.
3. Gay power is powerful.
4. And nothing but some of that sugary goodness can get your engines revved up again.

On Sunday evening I saw the musical ‘Breaking up is hard to do’- based on the music of Neil Sedaka. When I first saw the same actors at a show last year, I liked it but didn't love it. This time around I still had issues with it, but the night was enhanced by the fantastic performance by Mark Swaroop and Meghana Dhawan, who weren’t part of the old cast. Despite all of its flaws, this show remains one of my all-time favorites (how can you not love that score?) and Neville De Nazareth’s performance alone is worth the price of admission. I had the pleasure of going for the show with six gay men. As I expected, it was extremely fun. I won't go on about it, except to say that I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. It's hard not to appreciate a show that has some awesome voices in it- Jerusha Verghese, Mark, Neville and Jude Lazaro.
So that brings us up to tonight, which is my day of rest (God isn't the only one who deserves one, you know). And then after this post is done I can, knock on wood, veg out on my bed once again. I’m about ready to pass out just thinking about it. Hoping that the night goes slowly and work doesn't come as quickly as I fear it will!

Some people are lucky enough to have two families - the one they are born into, and the one they create from the friends they collect over time. There are always highs and lows but each has the potential to last forever. I'm lucky enough to have both, and I love them all, even if they take turns being dysfunctional. Belated Friendship Day to all my lovely readers and close friends.

An announcement...

Soulmate, a band I’ve recently come to obsess about, is once again gearing up for what is going to be an amazing performance of some truly gorgeous blues. If you're interested in attending, please make it to B Flat, Indiranagar. It’s only on Wednesday, but I wanted to give you a heads-up:

August 05, 2009 8:00 p.m.
B Flat, 100 feet road, HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar, Bangalore
Entry is about 200 bucks… and that will probably get you a drink or something. I'm very much looking forward to seeing them in concert and would love to see you all there.

I was looking through my list of single songs the other day and I came across this one by Kinnie Starr title ‘Sun Again’.

There is a certain quality about this song that is inescapable. Something inside of me craves more music like this. Music that is light, interesting, and ultimately builds upon itself with harmonies, layered beats, and clever lyrical twists. Years ago I came up with a classification of people that could best be described as incorrigible romantics. They weren’t hopeless, they weren’t carried away, they believed in a moment of absolute emotion even though the odds were stacked against them ever finding it. And now I have found the iconic artist to sing their emotions to the world. Simply gorgeous music. I love this song but it’s really what’s left unsaid in this song that makes you think. It’s subdued and sets the perfect mood for a looking out your window into the rain.