May 18, 2011

Life has been moving pretty fast lately. Outrageously fast. I have now been married almost two months. And as evidence that married life directly affects the amount of free time a person has I submit this blog post. It has been very busy for me. A lot of things happened at nearly the same time, an odd collision of random events some of which were good, some not.

First, I love being married. I aced it. I made it my bitch.

Second, the Frenchman ended up in the hospital. At the end of the his 35th b’day party, we stayed awake to clean the apartment. My husband insisted on cleaning an area of the floor that contained our glass centre table and while moving said table, it shattered into a million pieces slicing the thimbles of the Frenchman’s hands. We headed right to the emergency room and a few hours later, he was admitted.

Surgery went well. My parents and I tried our best to hold it together but we were so worried. I’m still worried about the healing process since the surgery but in between The Frenchman can't help but be his charming self. So I suspect that everything is as it should be. My Frenchman who is - though I know I am somewhat biased - the most gorgeous creature upon whom I have ever laid eyes. He amazes me. And I’m hoping that we don't see the inside of the hospital anytime soon.

And anyways, as I was sitting at work today the sometimes awkward tunes of Grooveshark’s random playlist kept me focused and working hard. To be sincere, it was one song in specific that really kept my attention today. Due to an awesome person who I live with, I have had the pleasure of being introduced to a few great French artists. Zazie may sing in a language I still understand very little of but her music is quite universal. If I was forced to offer up a convincing little review this is all I have to say. Take your favorite parts of the female vocalist canon {leaving out all the annoying bits}, put them with french vocals, and play that fantasy out for a full hour.

Trust me when I say that if you like the track below you’ll simply love the rest of her music. It really is that good; the French seem know what they’re doing. And special thanks to the Frenchman who introduced me to her music. You should thank him too.

Hoping to get this blog up and running again here in a few weeks.

Zazie: J'envoie Valser