August 09, 2010

Crash Kings.... Considered Harmful

I sometimes imagine what it would be like to work in a profession I truly love and am passionate about. Now add in spending time with bands that play awesome music and then writing about it. And since I’m not really a conventional, uninteresting kinda girl (but you knew that already, didn’t you?) it’s going to be about hanging out, then telling the story. Which is good for me, for the bands, and for anyone reading my stuff (do we really need yet another outbreak of mind-numbing, done to death, cookie cutter info about a band, keyed in by folks whose main aim seems to be establishing that they know more than you? No, we do not).

So all that’s swell. But my imagination gets better: because not only will I get to watch bands I already know are great, I get to find out valuable bands that I didn’t know a friggin’ thing about, then tell everybody who will pay attention and check them out.

And that starts here, now, with Crash Kings.

This was one of the only albums that I heard this year where I knew right away that it’d be a year-long listener. There are so many moments of rock goodness sprinkled across the album that I thought my ears were going to explode and I’m so happy to join in the cult-like group of Crash Kings fans.
Seriously, I’ve never heard a better Alternative Rock band out there. Add that with amazing guy – Tony Beliveau on vocals (who can actually sing) with a range at his disposal, including a bassist with style powered riffs and layers of piano sounds. Their incredible sound ties everything they do together in a way that’s so perfect you can’t help but smile. “Mountain Man” and “You Got Me” - the album’s most delightful and addicting tracks, with a glisten of the piano and heavy bass backing an incredible vocal hook, are tracks that pack a huge punch.

If someone asked me to define listenable and pleasurable Alt. Rock in an album this certainly would be nearing the top of the list of albums I’d give them. It really delivers a very full listening experience, whether you want to just float along to the musicality or examine closely the brilliance of the band’s lyrics. One of the most richly satisfying albums you’ll hear in your life. It’s just that damn good.

Beliveau’s vocals and the band’s huge sound ought to keep you entranced.

In short, one of the most talented and significant bands to emerge in our era. It’s not for nothing I’m considering on changing my surname to Beliveau. ;)

What to look out for: Tony Beliveau rocks one of the coolest Clavinets I’ve ever seen (see video above for more on that) just makes the whole thing better.

It’s moments like these that really define for me the universal power of great music and it makes me excited to share those moments with others. And for that I am eternally grateful.

Whatever I put up on EC are the tried-and-true songs that have stuck with me for months and years filling my days with elation and my CDs, playlists with, uh… songs. These are the ones that I love more than steak and beer. The video listed here is the one that I found to be the most visually interesting, uniquely executed, superbly edited, and just in general, a wonderfully awesome video of the band (although having a good song attached to it didn’t hurt it’s chances either). If you like the video, the band and the music, make sure to let me know in the comments. Enjoy!

Crash Kings with 'You Got me'. Pete, thanks for the heads up on these guys!