November 21, 2009

Well, here I sit in front of my laptop. I'm not 100% sure what I can say about the past week apart from, probably, fuck. That adds it up rather sufficiently.

Unless you've had to cope with a whole blog- topic shutdown over the past few days, you've almost certainly already taken note that not all went as intended for me in this new relationship. Actually, zilch went as intended. That's relationships for you. I’ll be happy when tomorrow’s daylight arrives, I’ll get my groove back. Back to my happy, funny self which will make me miss playing solo. So here’s to the long weekend - making up for lost time.
The past week has been a learning experience too. I've been exposed to two staples of relationships and I'm pretty sure I'll be getting my permanent solo union card in the mail any day now. See, I got to spend a few moments in a no strings attached relationship and log a little time at an exclusive party for two. Neither experience was principally terrible, but I've come to the conclusion that the party for two - in outsized doses can truly force one into lunacy. And no strings attached? That situation where a kid can be a kid?

There's no holding up. I'm going to drink up the last cold bit of tea and try to hop back into the rock n roll of things. Let's see if I can get my groove back. Wish me luck.
Apparently there was this little music gathering known as the North-East Festival which took place the when I was at Kohima. Apparently at said gathering of music fans there are some big northeastern bands who play killer sets and set off the revelers. Apparently Nagaland’s most popular band, Eximious, played a set there. And also, apparently, someone thought it would be a good idea to upload one of their tracks recently sent to them by the vocalist himself. It’s an excellent single titled ‘Bleed’. And yes, that is a ruse to get you coming back over and over and over again. Eat it. They’re not off any studio album and they’re not available, anywhere, for purchase yet. Enjoy the music and the next time Eximious is in town get out and see their show.