December 02, 2008

‘I hate the fact that Indian flights are never on time. My flight was scheduled to leave for 6:20am on Saturday. I was asked to check in 90 mins prior to departure. So I arrived at our fantastic looking airport at 4:00am and as I expected, everything that could happen to make me hate flying happened on Saturday. The flight was delayed and I was stuck in B’lore airport for nearly 2 hours and I detested the wait as I was getting looks from a couple of weird ass men- one of whom was actually wearing this big ol’ antennae-looking headset. As I tried to get back to reading my book, there appeared the yummiest looking steward I have ever seen. He was tall, strappy looking and stunningly cute. We checked each other out at the same time and I remember thinking to myself ‘he probably is on another flight’. I boarded the flight and nodded at the hostess who welcomed us in with a fabricated grin and as soon as I nestled into my seat I began to hope that the seat next to mine would be occupied by someone remarkable. The minute the thought was formed in my head, there he was this uninteresting, insufferable looking person who took the seat next to mine and he looked at me like I was non-Calcutta scum!
Cussing and just generally feeling bad for myself, I looked up into the face of the person passing by and there he was- hunky steward! But all he did was pass by a million times and ask me if I wanted this or that… hmm... every girls dream. To be waited on by a guy. No, we didn’t exchange numbers; I aint that forward but it really made me forget the creepy guy next to me.

I reached Dimapur, finally, at 4pm. Welcomed by my bro-in-law, sister and niece (who stretched her arms out as soon as she saw me). Sniff… it was quite like in the movies. Introductions to relatives took up a whole hour, unpacking another. Sleep was out of the question, when I had so many people to entertain. Family and friends gathered around the table to watch my current favourite video on my laptop- a 2 hr. show of Russel Peters. Then we broke for dinner- Fish Chutney with vegetables, smoked chicken and dhal. Post-dinner, we were joined by neighbors and delicious red tea until my eyes couldn’t keep themselves opened any longer. My first night ended in deep, unruffled sleep. I wake occasionally to a sensation of unusual calmness so profound that I might try to imagine it to put myself to sleep if I weren't in it already.’
Nov 11, 08.

So I've had a bit of time to myself to get reacquainted with reality. I certainly had the best time in Nagaland and I can't even begin to describe how beautiful the vacation was, from the weather to the house to the views. We had amazing meal after amazing meal, caught lots of rays (as my very dark tan can confirm), found love and laughed and laughed and laughed. I also took a gazillion pictures and I'll post a link to the gallery as soon as I get my pictures organized. All around just a perfect vacation.
It was funny to come back from living in such a relaxed pace to find myself in the middle of rush hour on my drive to work. There I am, sun-kissed and calm in my for-once-formal-attire (you know I was really excited if I was actually wearing formal clothes - as a rule I can't stand them), amidst the vehicles and various idiots all rushing to getting to work and driving like they were insane so that they could be the first ones to reach their office. We'll see how many office drives it takes before I'm back in their frame of mind! I'm thankful - and yet slightly amused - by how many people reached out to me today and told me they missed me. I received mails, text messages, and a swing of e-mails from friends and family, all happy that I was back.

I have to take a moment and say that the situation in Mumbai was unprecedented; amplified by around the clock television coverage, it seemed to take on a life of its own. The hours grew tedious, frustrating and- when the rescue mission awakened the rest of India and the world to the dangers- terrifying.
What matters most of all, was the life lost during this terror rampage. We can only hope that the tension ends and hope is all we can do.
And that's the latest from EC. Now it's time to get on, get with and get back to the bump and grind but not before I kick it off with my happy hour tonight! May as well ease back into the real world as gently as possible!

I have nothing more to write here, except that my first real boyfriend sent me his wedding invite this morning and I’ve been listening to Mr. Big’s ‘Take Cover’. Ok, that’s done {played it ten times now}, on with the show. This track serves as a perfect rock anthem. Dig it.
Hand. Claps. Head. Bounce. Awesome. Period. The band has made this track into something great. Great things are awesome too.

For all you readers enjoy your December and to M, Congrats!