August 21, 2008

Height Issues, Dexter review and Chan Marshall...Straight up!

As a kid I was consumed with proportions and sizes. I was so bugged that I was never as tall as dad or my older sister and I used to go out of my way to explain to my tailor that I wanted my dresses to make me look taller.
As I look at my sister’s wedding album I think to myself, ‘I looked like the friggin flower girl!’

Since I’m talking about the past, I have to mention that when I was real tiny I had the biggest crush on the now late Charlton Heston of Ben-Hur fame and I had told my older sister that I would run away with him but now that he isn’t alive I think I’ll add another to my list- John Barrowman. Watch his fabulous performance here. His voice is of such fine quality that it is beyond description. Well, maybe he won’t go on the list right away but he is sure nice to look at and listen to.

Life isn’t too terrific today as I had made up my mind to quit the band that’s playing on the 30th. It all happened because I didn’t have time for practices and the final day is coming very close. My dear friend Ash made it significantly better by listening to it all and then sharing her warped philosophy.

Dexter is a wonderful series that I had discovered a couple of months ago. 2 seasons with 12 episodes each about a serial killer who satisfies his thirst for slaughter by murdering other serial killers. The world of Dexter is punctuated with adventures and much entertainment. The action is riveting, the humor wicked, the script impressive and convincing enough to grab anyone’s attention. I regret to say that the series I've got is actually a bootleg, since the originals are pretty hard to locate (unless one is living in the US or able to order it online). Getting the bootleg is the easiest way to view this amazing series. If you do begin watching the serial, do note that there’s quite a bit of gore, profanity and nudity- your average dark thriller. Not appropriate for those below 18 possibly?

Now I must mention the music. I’m quite a huge fan of Chan Marshall known popularly by the name ‘Cat Power’. The russet-haired blues singer skillfully channels her strong emotions through truly arresting songs. Her music is delicious to the ear and her voice delivers them perfectly to the point. You can visit her MySpace page here and have a listen to select songs. My favorite pick is the track I’ve uploaded below. It’s a bloody good listen and it demonstrates the breadth of this artist. It’s wide-reaching and it’s a great piece of work. And so, without further ado, I present to you ‘Metal Heart’: