July 01, 2009

I care too much about famous people these days. I hate that I am obsessed with Jennifer Aniston’s love life. It makes me sick that I can't take my eyes off Bradley Cooper’s polished midsection. Will John Mayer ever find true love? And I've spent a ridiculous amount of time talking about it with my similarly stunted friends. How did this actress lose all that weight? She aint no gym rat. It's difficult to know. When did anorexia become contagious, and how can I catch a little of what Paris and Lindsey have? I recently cried aloud about spending several bucks a month on my entertainment intake, money that really should go to a starving kid in Africa.
But MJ- friggin breaks my heart! I hate myself a little, too, for my undying interest in the lives of mostly dented people I know nothing about, and people with whom I would never want to be friends with in actual life. But I am full of sadness for Michael Jackson. Every time I hear his gorgeous music — which was the soundtrack to my own tacky childhood — I remember how much delight it gave me. Now, every track sounds like a funeral song, and instead of dancing, I almost feel like crying.
Anyways, moving onto other news, you absolutely must see Bradley Cooper’s latest film which is an exercise in ear-splitting, mind-numbing comedy. And be sure your date is someone you feel comfortable cackling with. Maybe ‘The Hangover’ will provide the conclusive evidence that we’ve been all waiting for – American comedy aint dead!
If you love Michael Jackson’s music (as I do) this tribute concert at Kyra on the 5th of July, should delight you. Christ, I hope I can get a ticket. I've never looked forward to a concert nearly as much. Think I'm gonna rant now. Kudos to Tony for turning me onto this one. The plan is a couple of guys are going to be performing some popular Jackson tunes, but it won't be quite that strict. Show starts at 8pm. Call the venue for tickets. It'd be cool to see you there. Big ups to the guys who came up with the idea.
This week has been a cracker for me, and part of that is because I discovered a whole bunch of new music that I thoroughly enjoyed. I think one reason I get through life is because I have music. Chris Cornell released a surprisingly mainstream-sounding rock song called ‘Scream’, which was quite listenable (even with that R&B beat). To be sure, this song is best listened to at a very loud volume and I imagine it translates very well to a live set. Literally no other artist is producing at such consistently high a level. If there was one artist on this years list that everyone should immediately start listening to I would recommend Chris Cornell.