September 14, 2008

A Weekend with Ash

On Friday I went clothes shopping with my friend Ash, who has a terrific sense of style. Afterwards I went to her place to stay over for the night. One of my favorite things about Ash is that, she can and does make a diagnosis of people at the drop of a hat- My friends, men I introduce her to and people we pass on the street. It’s all very disturbing but true. So while I met her to get details of what she had been up to she ended up dissecting my life. After that we talked about how we had to figure out our lives; we discussed careers, what most of our friends were up to, and a plan to move to her list of most livable cities in India. Among our many pastimes, Ash and I count discussing our dislike for marriage as one of our favorites. This is because our approaches on the subject allow for maximum conflict and arguing with parents. Eventually, after a great many frustrating conversations, we have been able to reach a compromise: we will live together at the age of 30 when our folks have given up on us. This satisfies both my need for someone caring to live with and the desire to have a person that understands me completely. She has that look that makes you want to sit on her couch and tell her about your mother. Our friendship developed in college. She was a cheerful girl whose open face and sprightly demeanor allowed her to make jokes about anyone or anything. She spared no one, not even me and that’s why I was terribly fond of her. I realize my good friend will be highly uncomfortable with being discussed online but that’s just something she’ll have to deal with, on her own.

Though the continuous disappointment and relentless drama in my life, have been the core of this blog since its initiation, the permutation of good friends and decent drugs has meant that they are joined every once in a while by something impending, if not contentment, at least glimpses of it.

In a week and a half, I will enter my 25th year on this earth. I have been trying and trying to figure out how the hell to celebrate it. A couple of months ago I had the most brilliant idea anyone's had since slicing bread: I would invite my crew to join me at this local pub and they would drink in my honor to The Doors and Jimi Hendrix (okay, not so brilliant or new). But my heart isn’t in it.

My friends who are way past twenty five tell me that twenty five is much better than twenty.
I am full of hope that this is true. I mean, they could hardly be worse, could they?

Could they?

I went for the movie WALL-E in the morning with Tony, Runa, Ruan, Runa’s little sister and her friend. We felt like kids again (or I did, anyway) as we watched the movie. What’s not to love? The movie has cute little robots that make you go awwwww….
I did like one particular song performed by Peter Gabriel that played while the credits rolled. Until I get my hands on it, I guess I’ll have to stick to uploading this track by Keane on today’s post.

Alternative rock giants Keane was on the top of their form when they came out with ‘To the End of The Earth’ in 2001 that was part of the B-Sides not released on albums. True to the genre, the track, ranged from 3 to 4 minutes. This song encompasses a wealth of piano rock, with Tom Chaplin producing some of the best singing of his career. Click on the player and have a listen to ‘To the End of The Earth’. You’ll love it.