September 04, 2009

Hoo! I'm out of breath! ‘How come, eve?’ you ask. That’s cos I've been doing the Friday dance! The Friday dance is so enjoyable but it ain't pretty.

First, an apology - if I haven't visited your blog lately and posted a comment, I'm sorry. Employment has kept me very busy. That's Busy with a capital B. Please don't think I'm paying no attention to you.

I began the morning at 6-something-o'clock with a dazzling idea - I'd document my Friday! Sure, it would make most of you snooze, but it’s something, right? I did really well until I actually made it into my workplace. Then HELL? He created havoc and I forgot I had a crazy head. Hell, I forgot I had a name. So I give you the beginnings of the Friday Noir photo essay I like to call ‘Another Day…’

It was a dark morning in the city. The cold was enveloping. Cold’s sister, Fog was in on it too, like some friends I hadn't seen since Saturday. But I wouldn't get the day started by reminiscing.

A cup of tea was the only thing that would get me moving. A steaming cup of tea from mommy dearest who I was sure was working for the ghosts (I had no idea when she went to bed or when she woke up. She's always around when I'm up).

In my office, secure from curious eyes, I looked at the bright relics on my desk and gazed, startled. 'What is this bright box?' I speculated. And then it came upon me- I'm no hush-hush PI from the seventies. No, I'm an editor and I've got a tough day in front me.

And I did.

Planet Funk quickly became one of my favorite music ensembles in 2001 (like most kids who frequented the clubs in the city that year) when they released the fantastic electro-dance number "Chase the Sun", and then they quickly disappeared into obscurity afterwards. Until in 2003 they came out with an alarmingly appealing song, one that definitely bodes well for me. Like ‘Chase the Sun’, ‘Paraffin’ continues in that direction with a bit of a darker edge. The chorus is one of the most poppy and explosive that the band has made and the song, in general, seems more upbeat while still retaining that dreamy, moody vibe. This track certainly raises my interest level for their album which drops in 2009 and marks the return of Planet Funk.

Phew, that's all I've got for now. Stay tuned, kids.