March 26, 2010

Scullers’ Get Their Groove Back

It appears that the heavenly bodies have united against me in a cosmic joke.

Let me explain. The trend at Scullers this season are actually sane, and this is overlapping with the first time in my life that I’m broke.

I used to shop at Scullers years ago. With ribbed sweaters and pastel coloured shirts, they always had a classic sense of fashion. After that they experimented, what I’d consider a strong euphemism, with different styles, until this season.

The spring/summer collection has gone back to it’s classic roots, with a lovely collection of chino shirts for women. New clothes are definitely more of a want than a need, so it’s hard for me to justify going further into debt to add more to an already full closet.
Maybe I’ll wait until it goes on sale at the end of summer. The problem, especially at Scullers, is that the small sizes disappear within days.

The cosmic gods, they’re laughing at me.

Since I purchased my Nikon. Some of the people I’ve photographed over the course of my sessions have made it a point to tell me I did a fantastic job with the pictures, and it really made my day.

I think I’ve really developed as a photographer in the little time I’ve owned my first SLR camera. Looking back on a year of photos has made me realize that I’ve learned a lot, not only simple photographic theory, but familiarity with my camera and post-processing as well. But I still have a lot more to learn, especially with exposure and metering, as digital SLR’s make it easy to get good shots without really needing to have an in-depth understanding.

Whether or not you actually like Lifehouse (or the copious amount of tracks that I’ve uploaded) we can all agree on one thing. Jason Wade. The lead singer of the band is brilliant at almost every single turn. So when he and his group came up with their new album I just knew it was going to be epic. And trust me, epic it is.
Honestly I’m not sure if there is anything I would change about the song ‘From Where You Are’. Let’s see. It’s about three minutes. It’s impressive. It changes moods and builds to an ending that can only be described as poignant. Really, I mean really, is there anything even slightly disappointing about this song?