January 14, 2009

Although just sometime back I was saying how much alone time I usually have to enjoy my peace and quiet, things actually haven't been that way since. It's been a wound up program, albeit an agreeable one. This morning is my only free time until tonight where I plan to spend it zoned out on the sofa, neglecting all of the things I ought to catch up on (work, self-assessments, colleagues, WORK).

So just what have I been up to the past two days? For starters, Pratz, my good ol friend from college, surprises me by landing in the city. This time around I still had issues with time, but the moments we spent together were enhanced by the fantastic entertainment provided by her fiancĂ©, Josh, who had come here to meet me. I also had the pleasure of meeting her cousins, who were extremely funny and brilliantly informative. So that brings us up to this morning, which is my time of rest (God isn't the only one who deserves one, you know). Tonight is Pratz’ last night in B’lore and that's when the good times and loud banter will end. If I've learned anything from Pratz it is that there are still amazing and thoughtful people out there (buried amongst the crap), and I've been lucky to have found my best in-person, flesh-and-blood friend. Some people are fortunate enough to have two families - the one they are raised in, and the one that they form with the friends they gather. There are always highs and the lows but each has the possibility, to remain forever. I'm blessed to have both, and I adore them all, even if they take seasons to be dysfunctional.

Today I’m not going to be pounding out some words on the track I upload here but it’s still filling you in on some awesomeness.
And now I have this thinly veiled attempt at an ego boost request, and I'd like to ask my readers to please leave a comment on this post. Just say hi, so I can get a sense of who is out there or let me know how you came upon this humble little site or give me a good artist suggestion and I’ll make sure I get a hold of their music. Once again, thanks for swinging by Evuhleen’s Corner. I hope you keep coming back!

For Pratz, You are a lucky star and your light shines though all the way!

Hugs from Eve!