September 18, 2008

More Birthday

I was in a haze of bliss a couple of days ago when I was talking to a college friend about the Naga way of life. It surprised me that I knew so much about my bro-in-law’s culture. This trip to Nagaland in November is going to involve a lot of research and I’ve also decided I’m going to learn a bit of the language- at least proper pronunciations of certain words and phrases.

My ex arrived in town yesterday. We are a long way away from getting into the R-word; and, it has become obvious to me and probably to most of you that I am on a search not for the love of somebody else but for self-love, which I am also a long way away from. It's also a combination of other things. Lately, I haven’t had any free time and it's difficult to find the time I need to write a post well. I also find myself wondering how much of what I feel really belongs on this page and how much should stay in my head. It's difficult to tell whether it's the mood disorders talking right now or common sense. Perhaps it's just one more of the things I find overpowering for no good reason at the moment.

I meant to post sooner but I got an unexpected call from my friend and blogger Abhi who told me he was in town and wanted to meet up before he left to Mumbai. I was introduced to him by my best friend Imcha a couple of years ago. Abhi, short for Abhishek, was this charming young man who spent hours talking to me about myth, history and art- I’m just very interested in it and he just happens to know loads about it. I know he’ll turn quite red in the face reading this but he’s one person I’ve always been in awe of. He is quite an inspiring person, a talented artist, an amazing singer and he speaks of art with such passion that it can literally get you high. If you have a minute and are in the mood for clicking and viewing unique pieces of art, click the link on the link is listed below!

His recent work differs from the sketches he showed me when I first knew him. Now it’s more free form and fluid. To see his work in color with a more intuitive approach makes you wonder what he was thinking while sketching. The ability to paint his emotions is what I find so therapeutic about his art.

Under the ‘Blogged’ banner you will notice a slideshow of Ev’s Wish list, developed in order to help my friends figure out what to buy me for my birthday. Now come on, with a list like that, how can you guys not love me? I've been seriously planning my party from the decorations to the caterers to the seating arrangements and… I’m gonna have an inflatable bed. Talk about going all out! While I have an idea of what I'm going to do, I'm still kind of freaking out and nervous and excited and proud and brimming with all sorts of emotions about the whole thing. Cons- My nerves will probably take over me on the real day. Pros- Everyone will rush up to me after the party and stutter breathlessly that they loved it. I will thank them very calmly and tell them I had a great time. And the worry that my body would suffer would be worth it just to see them love my party.

And Dex is coming!

He’s had his priorities drastically misplaced for so long so I didn’t even include his name in the guest list but after his surprise call last night, he assured me that he wouldn’t miss the big day.
I feel kind of lame using this blog as a platform for publicizing my birthday, so I'm going to do my best to keep it to a minimum. That being said, next Friday, Sep 26th I’ll be throwing my birthday party as Wed (my actual birth-day) will just be too difficult for people to make it.
Hey, I might be growing out of being a youngster but I’ve got to come back as a star.

.....And I finally have the soundtrack to WALL-E. Sung by Peter Gabriel, here is ‘Down to Earth’