May 07, 2010

Cat, Out of Bag

Somehow the sky seems not to have fallen or my house hasn’t spontaneously imploded even though I told Long-Distance Guy two nights ago that I had a blog and had mentioned him in my last post. (Hang on; I'm cueing up the Hallelujah Chorus on my CD player....)

After he insisted on checking it out, I started to find airfares to Siberia, where I could drown myself in Lake Baikal, the largest freshwater lake in the world.

And once he did read it and was okay with it. Slowly--oh, so slowly--but surely, the surplus blood began to flow down from my face to the rest of my body. My breathing started to return to normal. Of course, this didn't automatically stop me from feeling as though I was walking into a local store and all of a sudden realizing that I'm not wearing any pants. But I'm okay with that. (Figuratively. I still plan on wearing pants while visiting the local store.) It's a start, at least.

Will this less-than- dramatic twist of events alter anything? No. I mean, I'm not planning on doing anything drastic like watching what I say here (no way, that's ridiculous). I can say with a certain amount of confidence that Long-Distance Guy knows who I am, and I'm not going to change what I do here anymore than I'm going to change the laws of thermodynamics. Though I'm working on those.

If anything, I guess I feel a little relieved. This doesn’t have to be all hushed. And maybe just maybe he’ll get a glimpse of my life, of my friends and things he might not otherwise have gotten.

I realize I don't need to remind you of this but its Friday. This means that the weekend is here. I had the usual work week stuff going on. Nothing bad, just stressful. Getting to Friday was going to be tricky but I’m finally here. Which signals my need to tell you all the crap that I’m going to do this weekend? Instead of rambling paragraphs of prose, I have organized key activities (or inactivities as the case may be) :

Things to do this weekend:

- Watch a couple of movies
- Do lots of reading
- Sleep all friggin’ day

Things to not do this weekend:

-To not get out of bed.

It’s almost a sure bet that when a jazz band covers one of my favorite songs it’ll be worth listening to. This easy-listening/jazz cover of "Smooth Criminal" comes from the wonderful year of 2008 by J.Viewz, stage name of Israeli musician Jonathan Dagan and his band and it’s still hot. Enjoy the music, enjoy your weekend.