March 21, 2010

Sorry to be so late to the party!

This weekend I’ll be crossing two things off my Life List: becoming best friends with my boss and going on my first pub crawl. I’ve wanted to go to pub crawling ever since I started drinking, but I was too young and had strict non-alcoholic parents who always took us to the beach or to grandma cottages for vacations with bottles of raspberry juice. But now that I’m a grown up and can stay up as late as I want and spend my paycheck on alcohol and pretty things and camera equipment, I am thrilled to spend a weekend severely dorking out with about 25 of my most fun colleagues visiting 10 pubs and chugging down massive amounts of the golden liquid and someone might’ve needed to taser gun me before I said ‘we’re out’. Too late!

This kinda freaks me out, because nineteen is an age I remember very clearly, and, a few things aside, it really wasn’t all that different from now. Okay, I can buy my own alcohol and I gave up on the whole hip-hop over-sized clothing thing, but other than that, on the inside, I still feel a lot like I did when I was nineteen.

Hanging out on the weekend for 8 hours with 25 of your co-workers are ships passing in the night, and try as we might, it will never work between us. Like former lovers, alcohol is the only thing that brings us together, and, thankfully, parts us before the sun comes up.

Also here are some pictures if you’re interested in that sort of thing, which obviously I am.

Continuing the Lifehouse series is a way to give us all the gift of this incredibly talent band. You see the path they’ve taken this year is one they’ve been on before. And in fact it’s the best path they could be on. This EP takes them back to the raw grit that flowed deep into arguably their best overall album No Name Face. What you’ll find in their recent album ‘Smoke & Mirrors’ is a collection of tracks and their leftover brilliance. This is the first single off the new album and it’s my favorite of the bunch. The venom that drips from Jason Wade’s trademark vocal delivery is absolute perfection. And if I didn’t sell you on Lifehouse earlier then consider this my official endorsement of the above album. Give it a listen. I seriously love this series and I hope you’re as enthralled as I am. Lifehouse with ‘Crash and Burn’.