May 27, 2008

To My little Naga Princess!

For my little niece:

Corinne Bailey Rae - "Just Like a Star"


‘When you’re dreaming with a broken heart,
Giving up is the hardest part’- John Mayer

He couldn’t be more right! Damn my memories...

Today, my bro-in-law asked me to join him for some rowdy fun and a rollicking good time. It’s been ages since we’ve done something like this. Guess, when he didn’t have to worry about work, a wife and a kid, we always had time to gather some of his cousins who were north-eastern iron horses and sing everything from Freddie Mercury to Robbie Williams. I used to bunk my exams and stay at his place just to showcase my booming vocals. When everyone warmed up and got comfortable with their little sippers, my bro-in-law would take his stage - brat style. The usual onslaught would continue for days on end. And despite a tinge of a throat issue or tiredness, my trusty bro-in-law would pull off a great performance. He had told me about the days he used to perform in and around college and if there’s one thing I’m wishing for right now, it’s to see him perform on the big stage.. Cos that’s where he really needs to be!
I’m in awe of these north-eastern guys. They all seem to be born with talent and they are so good that it seems like they jumped from the pages of a rock star cut and paste book!
Too bad many of these guys never get a chance to be on stage or be heard unless they have an international sponsor or they get out of India and get a deal.

Every December I make sure to attend ‘Naga Night’. It’s a spectacular show that exhibits the culture and talent of Nagaland.
I’ve seen impressive bands perform and there’s one guy who I cant keep my eyes closed for- His name sounds like 'moi'- as said in french. Incredibly polished vocals that’ll have you screaming for more. Achi Imchen, my friend’s sister, sounds quite incredible too.She’s another singer I would love to see perform. Sathem, supposedly a relative of mine now, is known as the fastest guitarist in Nagaland. He played for my sister’s wedding and I think I crashed into Paradiso when I heard him. I also think I experienced an overload of thought shattering eruptions because after the song was over I forgot my entrance.

I started this blog because I believe the quality of music on the local level is worlds better than what the mainstream is pushing -- but people need help finding the good stuff… so that's where i come in!