May 30, 2009

Show Me What I'm Looking For

The biggest crisis the world is facing today is people’s failure to do anything and that includes me, moi, myself as part of this problem: world, meet Ms. Negligent.

“Is one country justified when it sticks it’s nose in the dealings of another?" I'd reply with this question: Is one family justified when it sticks it’s nose in the dealings of another? My response is, ‘not an iota whatsoever’, for the most part. But if you notice a person exploiting a kid, I’d imagine you would be entitled - and more significantly you would be expected- to do something about it. Similarly when a country is tormenting and persecuting it’s own public I’d imagine that it is the concern of other countries to try and put an end to it. I'd include countries like Tibet in this.

My blog finger has been itching so I’ve decided to post from work today and I'm just going to waste it by writing about music as usual.
I blame metal. Everyone's parents used to say that rock & roll is just noise, and the metal’lers were silly enough to believe them. I used to love serious riffing as much as the next person but honestly I'm getting queasy of it.
You've got to hear music by this band called ‘Carolina Liar’. It’s nowhere close to being the best single there is around but it is pretty good and I've got to admit a preference for the single "Show me what I’m looking for". The rest of the album, ‘Coming to terms’ is solid too and the lead vocalist, Chad Wolf’s vocals blend so smoothly with the song. Frankly everyone should get hold of a copy of this track ‘Show me what I’m looking for’ and turn it right up now!

It's nice to know that there’s still some great music coming out of this world!