April 09, 2009

A Hairy Story

A couple of months ago, my hair started feeling strange because of the damn summer (Okay, who’s still reading? The men have closed this page by now, certainly).

The back of my neck used to feel undyingly icky. While washing my hair helped to get rid of the feeling, it only seemed to last for a day and then I would go back to feeling like my hair needed to be washed. I thought I needed to go for my office-paid medical check up for fear that this problem might have something to do with my thyroid. But then my family has had no history of thyroid problems so I did away that thought. It could have been just love – it does F’ed up shit to people sometimes, including maybe restricted hair grossness.
Cosmo believes that stress affects your hair. It could be that the events of the last few months are showing in my normally shiny and well behaved locks.

I changed shampoos but it didn’t help. And when all else failed I decided I’d just put a paper bag over my head until summer disappeared. One weekend I got down on my knees and prayed, then went to see my hairdresser and got my hair cropped. I got it looking all spunky and my hair hasn’t felt better! Maybe I should pray more often.

I know, scalp woes are never fun but my hair is my one true beauty, and it was getting precedence above all else because I used to think about it for longer than my usual five minutes a day.

My current hair care regimen:

L’Oreal Shampoo and Conditioner for colored hair (recommended by Ruan)

Livon, detangling hair fluid for towel dry hair then blow-drying, when wearing it straight.

L’Oreal Elvive Leave in conditioner -after shower, when wet, when wearing it curly. (And boy, just typing all of that is a lot of work and I should be paid to endorse this shit.)

Prayer candles

As much as I may deny it my hair involves a lot of high maintenance but it’s worth it to have hair that appears, feels and smells good, and anyways, the entire process still takes less than fifteen minutes.
This might not be a very electrifying post, but I had to update this space, and who doesn’t like a happy ending, right? Okay now let’s never talk about it again.
REM gives significance to the phrase "an oldie, but a goodie." They have great songs and their music is as well-defined and evident as any other great band. If you haven’t listened to a lot of their music, then START! Good news is that they grow on you quite quickly. My favorite track has to be ‘Shiny happy people’ but the track I’ll be playing here today is titled "At My Most Beautiful". It was played in a serial called ‘Smallville’. This simple song is about the innocence of young love. Do give it a good listen.